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What do you mean, this is not a chew toy? *tilts head*

“Pup I just washed that give it back.”
Michael was not amused, but his pup sure was. He clearly thought this was a game, bouncing back on his paws and pulling the jockstrap out of reach.
“Puppy that’s my favorite one. Don’t get it dirty again with your pup slobber! Don’t be bad now. Come on, give it. Giiive.“
Michael snagged it with his fingers, but his pup thought this was a game too and pulled it back. Michael was forced to get it go or else he was going to wear out the elastic.
“Puppy!” he complained. This was what he got for leaving his pup cooped up in the house these last couple days. Between the rain and work, there just hadn’t been a lot of time for walks. His pup ‘woofed’ at him and put his head down with his butt in the air, tail wagging. Michael rubbed his temples. 

Just then, the doorbell rang. His pup was off like a lightning bolt. “Pup, no! Waaaaiit no.” But when he got to the front door, his pup was sitting there in front of the screen door wearing only a T-shirt, his plug, and the mask, with the jockstrap in his mouth. Michael turned bright red. Of course, he had left the front door open cause it was such a nice day out. On the other side of the screen door, the mail carrier was holding his package from Amazon and looking embarrassed. Michael felt his face turn red. He was sure the post office guy knew there was a dildo in that box. 

Michael tugged his pup aside, then gave him a firm swat on the pup accompanied by strict words to sit. Mercifully, the pup obeyed him. Michael received his package and apologized to the mail clerk. Michael shut the main door behind him after he left, and groaned. He was probably going to get black listed from the USPS for this. Michael turned to face his pup. 

His boy still had that jockstrap in his mouth. Michael looked at the box. Well, now he had a weapon. Eventually, Michael was able to negotiate with the pup to trade the jockstrap for the dildo. His pup began chewing on it, and Michael sighed. He put the box in the recycle bin and went to look up pup training in his area. Negotiating with a dog was not a good sign, and Michael knew he was weak against his pup’s cute face. It was time to hire a professional.

Text is fictional. I <3 gayboykink’s pictures.


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