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I step out onto the porch. “What is it boy?”
”There heteros are breeding on our lawn Sir,” he says acridly.
“What…?” I walk over to where he’s standing. “Ew. Damn, I hate how our property backs up to the field on in that park. We really need a fence. HEY, KIDS GET OFF OUR LAWN.”
My boy looks at me. “You know, you really sound old when you say things like that.”
I watch in amusement as they bolt like scared rabbits. “Oh shush. I’m only ten years older than you. YEAH YOU BETTER RUN. GAY SEX IS ONLY ALLOWED HERE,” I call after them.

My boy chuckles as he watches them until they disappear into the tree line. “They’re gone, Sir.”
“Very good.” I turn to go back inside.
“Hey Sir?”
I turn to face my houseboy. “Yes boy?”
“You said gay sex is only allowed here right? So why haven’t we fucked on the lawn?”
I stop on the stairs. “Well, I dunno.”
“You own this property right Sir?”

My boy looks at me, hopeful. “I did all my chores.”
I chuckle. “Are you ever not horny?”
He looks down at the underwear i make him wear as part of his home uniform. “No. Especially now that you’re the only one that can touch my cock. I’m just horny all the time.”
“Well, at least you’re honest. Why don’t you make us a late lunch and we’ll enjoy it on the lawn? Pack the lube with the condiments?” 
His face lights up. “I would love that Sir.”
I lift the corner of my mouth. “Well, go then.”

He bows and shoots up the stairs of the porch toward the house. I watch his butt bounce as he runs. I am going to enjoy fucking him on the lawn, but little did my boy know he was about to get fucked over the kitchen counter too…

Text is fictional.  


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