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“Aaand there. All done. Fresh and clean.”
I watched fondly as Dion smoothed the edges of the bandage. I couldn’t help but give him a little smile. “Thank you for changing that out. Makes me sick to my stomach.”
“Yeah it was pretty gross,” he admitted. “The infection is going away though. What matters is that your leg is gonna be fine right?”
“Yep. The doctor said the surgery went well. I should be able to ski next season. That is, if I don’t get into another car accident, of course.”
“Good,” Dion said, running his fingers over my thigh. “Does it hurt?”
I nodded. “I’ve been cutting back on the pills cause I’m scared of getting addicted to them.”
“Where does it hurt?”
I tore my eyes away from watching his Adam’s apple bob in his throat. I wondered how he shaved so close. I was always scruffy. “Um. It hurts here.” I pointed to the middle of the bandage.
I felt all the air rush out of my lungs when he bent over and placed a most delicate kiss against it. “Better?” he purred.

“Y-yes,” I said. “Also here.” I pointed to a spot on my thigh where a thick scab had formed. I was in my underwear, putting my legs on full display.
“Mmm.” Dion kissed it too.“
“And… here, on my hip, where it’s bruised.”
“Poor baby.” I tried not to gasp as his soft lips brushed my pelvis. He was so close to my crotch, that it was exciting me. I had no idea what sort of game he was playing. Dion was my best friend, but after my accident, he had been there for more than anyone else. He was the one holding my hand when I woke up in the hospital.
“And … here.” I pointed to my sternum, where the air bag had hit it. Dion pulled himself up towards me to reach it. He was so close now I could smell his shampoo. My heart was racing. The air felt thicker, warmer, and it wasn’t just because we were in Vermont, in June.
“Anywhere else?” he asked, his voice raspy. I never noticed before that he had little flecks of gold in his eyes.
“Yeah…” I murmured. “Here.” I placed the tip of my finger on my tongue, hoping, praying, he would take it this far.

Dion gazed at me, looking for answers in my face. I must have looked pitiful and desperate for his attention, all banged up and needy.
“There? What hurts there?” he said in a teasing tone of voice.
“I bit it this morning, eating breakfast.”
He chuckled, a low, velvety bass note. “You really are helpless without me to fix everything aren’t you?”
I nodded.
“Here?” he asked, sliding his finger against my tongue. “Oh I feel a bump.”
I reached up and grabbed his wrist as vertigo swallowed me up. This was becoming too much, this close intimacy. It was going all too fast. “Dion-”
“Don’t worry, I’ll make that feel better too.”
Before I could protest, he dipped his head and pushed his full lips against mine. My jaw muscles clenched to kiss him back hard, then slackened so I could open my mouth and let him in. He rubbed his tongue against mine, kissing me so deeply he stole all the air right out of my lungs. I moaned, and released his retreating wrist so I could cup his cheek.
“Dion,” I gasped between his assaults. He spilled his pent up emotions into me. He was finally allowing himself to taste me and have me after no doubt telling himself for weeks that I was “only a friend”. I felt something nudge against my other thigh and I realized a moment later what it was. Dion was erect and jutting forward. He was wearing thin sweatpants over his jockstrap, I would later discover, and it betrayed him entirely. I resisted rising up underneath him to grind against him, as I was also full of need.
He broke the kiss, and he hovered over me, panting. “Wow,” was all he said. “You feel better?”
“Y-yeah. Better than any pill the doctors gave me.”
“Good.” He began to nuzzle my jaw, not minding the scratchy stubble. “D-…Dion?”
“Yeah?” he said, sounding distant and hazy.
“I have another problem now.”
“Down there…between my legs. It’s a bit hot, and it hurts a little, because it’s so tight.”
Without even hesitating, Dion reached down and placed his palm over my cock trapped in my underwear. I inhaled, making a rather unsexy sounding choking noise. “Dion!”
“Yeah, that is definitely a problem. Mmn…wow you are really hard. You’re big when you’re hard. Can I…can I touch you, in your underwear? I’ve never gotten to play with a guy before. I’ve always…always wanted to.”
“Ooooh yeah, you can. You’ve done such a good job of taking care of me. I wouldn’t deny you anything.”
“Would you play with mine?” he asked, tilting his head.
“I’ll reward you for everything,” I rasped, unsure if this was really happening.
“Good,” he sighed, petting me. I whimpered. Dion took that as an invitation to kiss me back.This time, I could not resist the urge to frot up against him, and to my sheer delight, Dion squeeze my shaft and rubbed his own against my crotch. My vision began to swim, and my heart thudded in my chest as my dormant sex drive awake. Then, Dion pressed his weight on top of me and the edges of reality began to unravel.

Text is fictional.


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