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“Alright, Tom. You know the drill. Won’t be much different than your usual exam. We’re just making your prostate is healthy before you get locked into chastity. You will be stimulating it a lot in order to release your build-up, so it’s important it’s 100% healthy. Hold your posture. That’s it.”
Tom sighed. He didn’t like other people touching his ass other than James. “Yes Doctor.” Tom adjusted his hands and tried to get comfortable. He’d been coming to this office since he was a kid, but everything else had changed – the doctor, the purpose of the visit, and well…the wall was a lot closer. If Tom recalled correctly, he’d smacked his head into it last time two times he had his anal health checked. No Sir, not this time. Tom was prepared. Tom was a bottom’s bottom. Sticking things up his ass was his idea of a fun evening. Nothing was going to –

Something cold suddenly pushed inside his tight sphincter and – bang! “Ow!” Tom exclaimed before he could stop himself.
Dr. Choudry chuckled. “Did you hit your head on the wall?”
“Sorry, I should have given you a little warning. People tend to tense up if I do, so I’ve learned not to.”
“I can handle it. I can take dildos bigger than your finger,” Tom sniffed, his pride wounded.
“Ok ok,” Dr. Choudry said with a smile. “I’ll put a note in your chart to give you a little warning next time. Alright, let’s see…everything feels normal. Cough please.”
Tom did so and try to resist the urge to pee, cum, and get hard all at once. God that prostate was a magical button. He could not wait to see how sensitive it got once he was not allowed an erection anymore. Not like he had much of a choice….James made that decision weeks ago. Tom didn’t mind as much though. James always seemed to have his best interests in mind. He liked that James pushed him a little. It really opened up his world to the potential of his own sex drive. Tom’s thoughts drifted to that time they borrowed the e-stim machine from Rick…

Tom was just getting used to that nice sensation of something up his passage when it slid out. He instintinctively looked over his shoulder to see where it went and if it would continue. After a moment, Dr. Choudry cleared his throat. “We’re uh, done. You can get dressed now.”
Tom tried to hide his slight disappointment. “Oh ok. Shit. That gave me a bit of a boner.”
“That’s normal, Tom. If you want, I can give you a moment to self-pleasure?”
Tom thought about it. “Let me text James.”
Dr. Choundry threw away his gloves and washed his hands. “You have such good discipline for such a sexually active boy as yourself.”
Tom smiled. “Thank you, Doctor.”

He texted with James, who was ready to respond, eager how his boyfriend’s appointment was going. After a moment, Tom lifted his head. “I’m not allowed to. He wants me pent up for tonight.”
“Tonight? What’s tonight?”
Tom bit his lip as he smiled. “Not sure. Maybe he’s going to finally lock me.”
Dr. Choudry was making notes. “Well use a lot of lube and play safe. I’ll bring you a cold washcloth to get your erection down.”

Tom sighed in relief. “Thank you Doctor. You know, since I started dating James, I’m starting to feel like the world is full of men who will gladly look out for me if they know I need a little help. I like that feeling. It feels …secure, I guess.”
The doctor clapped Tom on the shoulder. “I’m happy to hear it. As a doctor, my patient’s mental well-being is just as important as the physical. Anything to help keep you happy.”
Tom was sure if his cock wasn’t preventing him from putting on his pants that he would have hugged his physician.

When James picked Tom up from his appointment, he was amused to see that Tom got a sticker and a lollypop for good behavior.

Text is fictional.


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