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Terry heard the noise from the other room. He finished polishing his glosses with the little cloth he carried, then put them back on his face before he went to investigate.

I noticed the young man in the doorframe and the intense look of focus on his face at the officeboy he had bent over the table. “Oh Terry. You want a learning moment? Come here.”
Terry approached. “What’s going on?”
I gave the boy’s ass another swat. “Our officeboy here shredded a time stamped copy of an important document I needed from that medical office. And now I have to get another made and couriered from Downtown, but because it’s after 3 pm there’s going to be a surcharge. So he’s getting a spanking.”
“Is that so?” Terry asked, unable to tear his eyes off the bare curves of the officeboy’s back and ass.

I considered Terry’s reaction. I generally liked Terry. He worked here part time as a paid intern. Smart as he was handsome, Terry was 17 and already half way through university. Although the legal age of consent was 16 here, I purposely kept Terry sort of away from our officeboy as not to distract him so much; however, I could not pass up a lesson on education.

“Do your parents have a houseboy at home, Terry?”
He shook his head.
“So you’ve never had to discipline. Come here. I’ll show you. Come here, put a hand here on his shoulder, stand there…good. Now, when you strike you want to use an open hand and a flat palm. You want to strike here on the fattest part, too high or too low. If you strike the thighs, they can’t sit down and it’s uncomfortable to walk. You want to strike right in the middle and leave a lasting sting so…”

I trailed off. Terry wasn’t paying attention. He was gently caressing the supple curve of the boy’s already pink ass. I looked at his face, and that’s when I knew I had awakened something in there. Terry’s eyes were narrow and focused. He was feeling the heat of the early half of the spanking under his hand. Whatever Terry was thinking, he wasn’t saying anything, but I could tell by the small smile that was growing into a smirk that he liked it very much. He was still young, but he was getting the first inkling of what was his early alpha instincts. Terry was bright. No doubt he was sensing the power and thrill of having a boy under his thumb that needed guidance and direction. What Terry saw, no doubt, was raw material. Beautiful, golden, raw material. I was wondering what I had started when Terry spoke.

Terry was trying hard to keep his voice under control. “Can I try?”
“Try…?” I began. “Oh, you want to finish his spanking?”
Terry looked at me. “May I?”
“Mm I don’t see why not. How are you doing boy?”
“I’m – I’m fine, Sir,” he said meekly. He knew he was lucky to only be getting a spanking for destroying that document.
Terry licked his lower lip. “What a cute little ass. Ok, right in the middle…” He gave the officeboy’s ass a swat, making the boy squeak.
“A little lower,” I said gently. “And a bit harder.”
Terry tried again, and got a sweet cry from the officeboy.
“That’s it Terry. Good. Now give him fifteen of those.”

I stood back and watched with a knowing eye as Terry delivered. He had a knack for it, just as he did for business and math. Was there anything this wunderkind couldn’t do?

When Terry finished ten, he shook his hand. “Ow.”
I chuckled. “Forgot to tell you about that.”
After five more, Terry was done. “Looks good. Great work. Now, don’t forget aftercare.”
“Aftercare…?” Terry repeated.
“Yes. He’s nearly crying, you should say something.”
I purposely put Terry on the spot, to see what he would do.

Terry thinks, then pats the houseboy on the shoulder. “Sorry to have to cause you discomfort, but you made an error that was caused by not paying attention. If we can both learn from this, we won’t have to do this again soon. Now, how about I get you some tissues, and you can take a little break, drink some water  perhaps?”
The houseboy nodded, sniffling. “Ok. Thank you young Sir. I appreciate you taking time to re-educate me.”
“Good boy,” Terry said, the words slipping out of his mouth as natural as they could be. “Also, when you’re ready to return to work, let’s go over the shred pile and make sure nothing is mixed up in there that shouldn’t be destroyed.”

The officeboy stood up and nodded, wiping his tears with a tissue Terry had given him. “Good idea, Sir.”

Terry looked at me. I was astonished. I was sure my jaw was on the ground. Did I just let a teenager displace me? “Well done Terry. That was impressive,” I admitted.
Terry beamed.
I nodded toward the officeboy. “Don’t worry,  Remi, you’re still the best office boy we’ve had. You’re dismissed for a short break.”
The officeboy bowed his head. “Yes sir.” He pulled his shirt down and shuffled off. He was not permitted pants in the office, just his chastity device.

Then, it was just Terry and I.
“It seems you liked that,” I noted.
Terry shrugged sheepishly, adjusting his pants. “I dunno…I thought it was going to be awkward but when I got into it, I was just in this groove. I felt kind of connected to him. Does that sound weird?”
I shook my head. “Not at all. If it’s awkward, then you don’t have self-confidence, which means you’re not in control of your houseboy. Or officeboy. or whatever.”
Terry nodded. “I’m really glad you guys hired me for this internship. I’m learning more here than I’m learning in college.”
I raise both eyebrows. “Wow, why thank you Terry. We’re happy to teach here at Dunham Law.” I couldn’t help but thinking though that if we armed Terry too well, he would come back as a lawyer and crush us until oblivion. I made a note to offer him a job when the internship was over. I also made a little note to still keep him away from our officeboy for now. That was only cemented when I noticed Terry took a long bathroom break not an hour later.

Text is fictional.


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