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Another photo from my day at the pool in Vegas 

Gideon pulled himself out of the pool and leaned on the deck. “Hey, Paul, can you please bring my phone?”
“Sure,” Paul said. Here’s your phone – and a towel. I’m gonna go to the bathroom. By right back.”
“Cool, thanks.” I dried my hands then checked the screen. No new messages. Fantastic. Being on vacation on Palm Springs was amazing as always. As were the men, Jesus. On a whim, I opened Grindr and checked to see just how many ‘available men’ were near me. Well, no shortage of hot dicks around…1000 feet. 500 feet. 100 feet. I slid through pictures and randomly stopped on one. Jesus, this guy was cute, and smoking hot. There was a photo of him in a gym that indicated some sort of acrobatic background. I wondered how far away this guy was. I did a double-take when I saw the locator: “Less than 50 feet.”

Suddenly, a shadow slid over me. I craned my chin up.
“Well hello,” said Mr. Gym, holding his phone in one hand. “Technology is amazing isn’t?”
“Uh…” I had a great view right up the leg of his swim shorts. I couldn’t resist a sloppy grin. “Yeah it’s pretty fuckin’ amazing.”
“Wanna hit the showers?”
“You bet.”

Text is 100% fictional. Alex has his own hot boyfriend, thank you very much.


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