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Raquel bit into the pillow, moaning loud as a steamboat horn. “Oh god, Papi, don’t stop! Don’t stop!”
“Don’t you worry baby, I won’t stop pounding your beautiful brown ass until all my cum is inside of you.”
“Harder, Papi!”
“That’s what I want to hear! Making up for all that lost time you thought you were straight huh? You like feeling me push my dick against your prostate gland huh?”
“Oh god, Papi, feels so good, feels so good…harder, harder!”
“I am, I am mijo. Woo, you are giving me a real ab work out here. My cock loves being inside of you. I’m not gonna last much longer. Milk me with your ass now, show me how grateful you are that I corrected your errant ways. Ohhh yeah, that’s a thankful boy.”

Text is fictional.


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