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“Wow,” Brian breathed.
“Wow, what?” I say, mildly amused.
“Just never touched another man’s balls before,” he replies.
I watch as he continues to pull on mine, over and over. “And how do they feel?”
“Like mine but…rounded. Bigger. Fuller. It feels kind of weird to be doing this though…”
“Why?” I ask.
“Because I mean – think about it this way. Biologically, this is like where the sperm comes from…it’s like the most important thing when it comes to reproduction. With a woman, I mean. And in our society, we sort of train ourselves to recognize that everyone has testicles but we’re supposed to pretend they don’t exist – you don’t look at someone else’s and you don’t touch someone elses. They’re just these big fleshy sacks that hang off our body and they’re so taboo but -”
“Boy,” I start, but he keeps going.
“But here I am, just…touching yours in my hand, I don’t know why I want to or why I want to keep doing it but it feels very forbidden and taboo to be touching your- your- reproductive organs, like I’m doing something incorrect here, so biologically incorrect but I-”
“Boy,” I say again, louder, cutting him off. Brian looks at me with wide eyes. “Boy. Stop thinking so damn hard. You’re gonna hurt yourself if you use up that many brain cells while all your blood is rushing south.”
“Oh. Good point.” Brian pauses stroking my balls and lets them rest in his hand. Then, he looks up at me. “…Can I touch your cock now?”
“Yes, as long as you do it quietly.”

Text is fictional.


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