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Donovan came out of the club because one of his friends had told him he’d left his lights on. When he saw the faggot on his car hood, he sighed. The lights probably attracted him. Damn. Wait that meant that there were shoe prints on the hood of his Rover! Donovan felt the vein in his forehead twitch. Faggots were so  troublesome, their desperation for a hot fuck and the attention of men made them oblivious to how some of their behavior affected others. Some bros were standing in a cluster on the sidewalk, watching the faggot twerk his ample bottom on the hood of his Rover. Sigh. This one was an attention whore too. Well, he had a nice body at least.

“HEY faggot,” Donovan shouted, rolling up his sleeves.
The young man froze and looked over his shoulder. The wide-eyed look was a force. They wanted to be caught and punished. They all did. 
“What the fuck you think you’re doing on my car? Did you pay for that car? No! Get off of that car!”
The faggot quickly slid off the hood, holding his pants up with one hand.

Donovan swooped in and pinned the faggot to the hood of the car, much like a cop who was arresting someone.
“Who said you could put your shoe prints on my car?”
“I – I’m sorry, Sir, I didn’t think about that Sir I just – I just-”
“Yeah I know, you’re horny right?”
He whimpers. “So horny Sir. I saw that your lights were on and thought you’d be out soon so I tried to look sexy-”
“Shut up,” I barked, annoyed. “Take your shirt off.”
“Yes sir,” he quickly replied. We pulled it off of him together, then I made him stand there next to the car while I used it to wipe the dusty sole marks off my car. After, I tossed it over my shoulder. “Now your pants.”
“Si-Sir, here?”
“Is this what you wanted or not? Get your shorts down now.”
He quickly pushed them down, exposing his bottom.
“Mmm…” I ran my palm over the curve of his ass, appreciating how he arched into me. “Horny little bitch faggot…” 

The faggot whimpered. I bent him back over the hood of my car.
My hand roamed forward, seeking, grasping. 
I chuckled. “Oh ho. What we have here? Who locked your tiny dicklet up boy?”
“My – my brother.”
I laughed. “God, you really do have to be kept on a short leash huh? It’s a goddamn family affair. I bet he’d love to hear what you’d been up to tonight.”
The faggot sniffled. “Please Sir, my brother’s straight. I’m so…so horny I need your dick, your big wet, horny…delicious…” he moaned. I heard pre-cum drip on the ground.

I shook my head. “You’re a mess, boy.” I unzipped my pants.”But you’re making me horny, so I will fuck you.”
He lifted his head. “Oh really? Oh god thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou-”

I pushed his head back down. “Yeah just stay like that, bent over the hood of my car. It’s a nice view.” I found some condoms and some lube in my glovebox, and gave the faggot a real hard pounding, right there in the parking lot. His wild yowling attracted a whole gang of feral animals though… and we went through the whole bottle of lube sating that desperate faggot’s ass. He was so grateful for every dick we gave him, we put his mouth to good use too..

The mess wasn’t anything we had to worry about either. We still had his clothes for that. I didn’t clean his hand prints off my Rover for a few days though…I liked when others saw them there, and knew my conquest.

Text is fictional.


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