Hey I really enjoyed one of the ones you did very recently about the houseboy-like one and the other boy from the hamptons in college. IT was very interesting so would you maybe consider expanding it?

Hey there, thanks again for writing! I do want to clarify that the
Hampton accent was actually a reference to a range of British accents.  

As I wrote in the other message to you, expanding stories
isn’t always so easy… in order for a story to be ‘good’, a few things
need to happen. There has to be a convincing plot (rise/climax/fall).
Both lead characters need to accomplish something over the course of the
story (an attitude change, a wound healed, an injustice righted, etc).
Plus, a story can go a LOT of different ways.  

I’m assuming this was the caption you’re referring to with the Hampton accent. Now, an easy
assumption to make from the aforementioned caption is that George
realizes his assistant has a crush on him, they fall in love, and live
happily ever after. But how does that happen? Does it happen in the way
you’re imagining? In that scenario a bunch of things could happen:

cannot resist his growing crush on his assistant, who tries very hard to
keep things professional, but they end up falling in love in a romantic
way and live happily ever after, side by side.

-George and the assistant starts screwing around like rabbits, and slowly realize it’s love-George
gets a serious boyfriend, and hurts the assistant’s feelings, and George
starts to figure out his assistant has a crush from his cranky behavior

is too fucking busy trying to live up to his father’s expectations. He
ends up hospitalized from exhaustion, cancer is discovered, and a Korean
drama happens.

-The assistant slowly watches George fall
in love with another man, and the day before their graduation, leaves
quite suddenly to spare them both the pain of saying good-bye. George
marries the man, but spends the rest of his life trying to track down
his assistant. Him and his partner split in their silver years, and
George eventually settles with his assistant as it was supposed to be.  

-The assistant is secretly under cover, trying to gather evidence against George’s family as they’re mafia, but he becomes conflicted and they fall in love. Angst, betrayed, then angsty sex happens.

is set in the 1980s. Assistant gets in a car accident, gets HIV from a
blood transfusion, and George ends up taking care of him and they fall
in love as the assistant dies.  

Etc. Which one would make the
best story? Which is most true to the character’s personalities? When I write
a caption, I’m not thinking about any of that. The assistant doesn’t
even have a name in this one. I’m just writing a vignette, a moment in
two lives, based on a picture of a guy in bed. Sometimes, I write short
captions because I want you to imagine their future instead of me
telling it to you. This is what I want for this caption 🙂

That said, I was able to expand one of my captions into Orion’s New Leash on Life
because character goals were more clear-cut…but I wrote Orion in like
two months on a deadline and it was really, really, exhausting.  

would write longer pieces, but I honestly have trouble focusing. The
story I’m writing now, which is 50,000 words at the moment, has taken
two years to write. I’m slow ._. and easily distracted. Still uh, thanks
for reading.

PS: The other houseboy caption this person mentioned, I think is this one maybe?


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