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You two camped out on the far corner of an isolated beach, tucked away in a cove between some trees. You were up late after a day of swimming, laughing, making love, watching the stars, and you fell asleep on your towels under the warm summer sky. 

You were a bit confused when you woke up to the sound of the waves, the cries of seabirds, and the scent of sizzling bacon. Was that the scent of coffee in the air? You blink in the morning sun while running your fingers through the sand. Oh yeah, you two camped out last night. God, breakfast smells good!

And then you feel his weight on top of you. Now, morning is starting to feel normal again. He nuzzles you and purrs in your ear. You moan in pleasure as he runs his nails up and down your back. His thigh is heavy over your butt and he’s pushing his chastity cage against your hip. You really wish he wasn’t so in love with that thing so you could get your hands on him. He squirms on top of you and blankets you with his warmth. A trong hands kneads your upper arm on one side.

“G’morning,” he mumbles.
“Good morning indeed.”
“You smell good. You smell like the sea.“
“You smell like toothpaste and sunscreen,” you reply.
He chuffs. “I made breakfast.”
“It smells amazing. The bacon kept overnight?”
“Yep. We gotta good cooler. Plus as soon as you get up, I’ll make you eggs and some cereal. The milk kept too.”
You groan. “Sounds amazing. I’m famished.”
“Hey…” he says, rubbing his balls against you. “After we get our energy back, can we spend it all again?”
You grin. “Being outdoors makes you randy doesn’t it?”
“Watching you sleep naked with your butt in the air makes me randy. The outdoor air just makes it worse.”
“One fucking after food coming right up. Then, maybe a swim before we head in?”
“Ask me later, I can only think about dick and bacon right now.”
You laugh. “You are a man’s man. Come on, love, let’s eat.”

Text is fictional.


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