As a lot of people are messaging me about this: No, I have no idea what exactly happened or why his blog got deleted, nor does Sir blissfuldominance know. I assume it’s the same situation as last time where people reported his blog, but that’s just a guess…

Let me use this opportunity to state how it annoys the fuck out of me how blogs that are obviously posting content on bestiality, child porn or purposeful HIV spreading keep existing while a blog on basic Dom/sub porn, where a lot of people go to for help and advice, gets closed… a blog that’s run by a Dom who’s advocating safety, sanity and consensus in BDSM, what’s the threat of that, Tumblr?
Whatever the reason for taking blissfuldominance’s blog down was, you obviously have double standards on what you find acceptable and what type of blogs you want to support. If you only took one minute to check if a reported blog has been structurally posting illegal/immoral/dangerous content you could prevent shit like this. Or what about a warning when blogs are overstepping the lines?

I really don’t get how you people evaluate complaints… You probably have a zero tolerance policy on certain issues like age limits, which is fine, but I don’t see where blissfuldominance should’ve crossed that line as he was double as cautious to refrain contact with minors and I can’t find any doubtful, suspicious content that might involve minors.
I really don’t get it, especially now this has happened for the second time in a few months, this seems like it’s not just an accident. I think a few hating people are reporting him out of jealousy or because they don’t agree with his more sensible and down to earth approach of dominance. Again, I’m just guessing… but either way I blame Tumblr for not evaluating complaints, as the kink community on here now lost a great person who has been helpful not only for the porn bloggers, but even more for the people behind regular blogs who got interested in BDSM and needed a sensible, empathic and experienced guy to ask for advice in a world that’s dominated by superficial self proclaimed ‘dominants’ looking for a quick wank.
I’m angry, let’s stop ranting.

Anyhow, life goes on.. I can imagine he won’t feel the urge to build up everything from zero again, but that’s up to him… we’ll see. If there’s any news I’m sure blissfuldominance will let us all know one way or the other.

Enjoy your weekends!

Goddammit Tumblr, leave blissfuldominance alone.


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