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I threw my pen down on the desk. I was never going to get anything done, not with the new poolboy my parents hired parading in front of my window in tiny little Speedos. My parents were away for the summer wintering in Europe. I thought that living in my parent’s guest house in their backyard would be a great way to save money and be close to college, but I was not counting on this beautiful, toned creature with such a delicious butt fishing leaves out of the pool. Goddamn, I hated how beautiful men were in Miami.

I pushed my chair back and stood up. It was annoying enough not being to swim because the pool had to be shocked, so I couldn’t even work off my frustration. I picked up my wallet to go somewhere – anywhere – but then I got an idea.

I strode out to the pool and waited until the man noticed me. “Everything alright Sir?” he asked.
I walked over to him and held up the $50 dollar bill. “If I give you this, will you take off your Speedos?”
He raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Is that what Mrs. Escobar’s son likes?”
“You gonna take it or not?”

He set the pool skimmer on the ground, then shimmied out of his Speedos. I was staring, shamelessly, at his thick fleshy cock. It was beautiful, and jesus, where had he been hiding his balls?
He plucked the bill out of my hand. “Anything to make a customer happy.”

It made me happy indeed. I sat down in a shaded poolchair and massage myself through my pants, watching his muscled body work around the pool. Everytime he squatted down I thought I was gonna nut my shorts. 

Eventually, I did, and then he had to leave. I made sure to ask his name before he went, and Pablo became my masturbation fantasy for days after.

It became a ritual – Pablo’d come over once in a while, clean the pool, weed the place, and I’d bring out some snacks and lemonade and watch him work naked. As time went on, he began to refuse my money …if I was naked too. I didn’t need to think about this either. I stripped out of my shorts and settled into the chair to masturbate in the shade of the Florida sun. It felt, frankly, glorious, and Pablo always made my balls shoot out these big, sticky loads.

It was beginning to be harder to resist him. After three months of this, I gave Pablo a new opportunity.

I offered my wallet. “What will it take to get you in my bed?” I asked.
He took one look at my wallet and tossed it onto the patio table. “Don’t insult me.”

He grabbed my chin and brought our lips together. I dove into him. Lips. Tongue. The scent of sun-tan lotion and sweat, his silky skin under my fingers.

“Get in my room,” I demanded, my voice husky and needy.
“About fucking time.”

I dragged Pablo into the guest house and ravished him with kisses. Our naked crotches bumped together and I pushed my cock up against his. I couldn’t ever remember being so hard. He wrapped his fingers around both of our cocks and I moaned loudly as we rocked together. “Fuck,” he grunted, thrusting into his grip.

Meanwhile, I had both of my hands glued to his ass. I was kneading that meat like a cat and tenderizing with smacks like a butcher preparing a cut. I could not get enough of his butt. I squeezed it with a bruising grip. The little gasps and squeaks he made of surprise made my blood run hot.

“Pablo,” I gasped.
“This isn’t enough is it?”
“Can I fuck you?” I pleaded.
To my surprise, I felt his body relax. “Madre de Dios, I was hoping you were a top.” 

I laughed and pulled him down to the bed. My lips were so kiss-swollen I couldn’t feel them by the time I rolled Pablo over. What a perfect body. Mine, all mine mine mine. I grabbed a wetnap off my nightstand to clean him, before dividing him and pushing my tongue against his entrance.

He hissed, buckling his hips. “Ah!”
I made gentle circles with my tongue, getting him to loosen up and moan for me. The boy was tight. I wondered when on earth he’d last been fucked properly. I rimmed him until he was groaning and his thighs were trembling. I then pushed my tongue inside of him and slowly tortured him from the inside out. I licked my finger and slipped it inside, locating his prostate and stroking it. Soon, Pablo’s erect meat was dripping a puddle between his big, soft legs.

“Please fuck me,” Pablo pleaded. I had to give him what he wanted. I rolled a condom onto my ignored dick and got in place behind. My cock looked so happy rubbing up against that nice bubble butt. It wanted to be in.
“Gladly,” I purred.

I whimpered as I sank every inch into that perfect butt. He was stretched and welcomed me, right to the hilt. I brought his hips up to meet mine and Pablo cried out. “Yes!”
“So fucking hot, Pablo.”

I snapped my hips deep into him over and over. Pablo fisted the sheets and begged. “Deeper!”
“Yes sir!” I fucked him with my eyes rolling back into my head. “God you’re so good!”

The bed began to squeak, louder and louder. Our skin smacked together over and over and over….

“Fuck!” Pedro grunted.
I rested on his back and finished fucking him with jack-rabbit motions as I came, filling the condom with a huge gush of cum. “Ah…ah!” Black spots flashed in front of my eyes.
I reached around for Pedro’s big, impressive cock. I gave a stupidly loud sigh of contentment as I felt Pedro’s cock twitch and tense and then shoot all over my bed. He was gripping me so hard I thought I would never pull out.

We collapsed, chest heaving, our bodies sweaty and sticky. I nibbled on his ear and rested a hand on his hip.
“Pablo?” I managed, still breathing hard.
“What?” he replied, punctuating it with a whimper as I slid it out.
“That. was. amazing.” I tied off the condom and discarded it.
He chuckled. “Tell me about it. Christ. I can’t believe we waited three months to do that.”
“…So….regular thing?”
“For fucking sure,” Pedro agreed. “Christ, I need nap. I’ve worked so hard today.”
I grinned. “I bet.”

Text is fictional.


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