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Come on, pup, get in your cage! And remember: no barking. The guests are coming in a few minutes and I don’t want you to embarrass yourself by jumping them or humping their legs as they enter the room. Chopchop, off you go, and behave!

Gooood boy! *clicks lock shut*

Good boy indeed. “You can come out once the guests leave. Aw, don’t look at me with those eyes. You haven’t finished obedience school yet. Once you do, we can try socialization. Now, in case you have to pee, there’s a pad in there but try to hold it. You are housebroken aren’t you? I’ll check in on you in a little bit and get you some water. Here’s a Rubik cube to play with. Good boy.”

Text is fictional. Eeee I love when gayboykink writes pup captions.


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