Ever since blissfuldominance and Chiernon have had to deal with their blogs being pulled out from under them, I’ve lived in mortal fear of this happening to me. What could be worse than signing in one day and discovering over a year of writing just – poof! gone!

I spent a long while trying to find a good cheap solution for this, ever since Bout of Context’s tool stopped working.

And there is a solution. It’s called Revert.Io. They do back-ups for a few things, like Evernote, but they also do Tumblr! They have a tiered pricing system, including a free option, and a trial system for paid services.

Guys this thing is amazing. It backs up your posts – the text, the pictures, the time/date, AND the tags. AND the original URL! You can even search through them.

And best of all? All your data can be downloaded to Dropbox. Although, if you have a lot of photos it will take a realllly long time and take up a loooot of space.

I’m not being paid to push this. Go forth you guys, and save your shit. You can thank me in dick pics later.

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