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“Uh Sam?”
“What is it Todd?” My best friend had come over to shower after our baseball game as my house was closer. His was way out in the country. 
“I um, might have made a mistake.”
“What is it?”
“Ya know how I said I was gonna go take one of your Claratin for my allergies?”
“Uh huh?” I asked, tilting my head.
“Well I accidentally took a sleeping pill instead.”
I blinked. “Well that wasn’t very smart, Todd.”
“I know!” he whines, stamping his foot. “I grabbed the wrong box.”
“Was it a small dose?”
“It has the same shit in it as Benedryl,” Todd said.
“Uh oh,” I chuckled “You are gonna pass out.”
“Make it stop,” he protests.
“I can’t. Are you going to fall asleep?
Todd thought. “Well I almost fell asleep in the car on the way over here. The damn game took so much energy out of me, running around in the outfield like that. If I couldn’t stay awake there then there’s now way I can stay awake now! Sam do something.”

I snorted. “I can’t magically undo this, Todd. I can give you my guest bed though. It’s comfy.” 
Todd sighed in surrender, then yawned. “Fine.”

I tucked him in. My hand brushed his skin which was still warm from the shower and burnished bronze from the sun. I watched with secret fascination as Todd nuzzled into the down comforter and got comfy. He was just so adorable. I was a bit uncomfortable with just how much I had a crush on him.

Right as Todd was about to fall asleep, he opened a heavy eye and said, “Stay with me for a bit.” I didn’t know what he meant by that, but he looked so vulnerable and sweet in that big bed. I crawled in there with him, wrapped my arms around him, and dozed off. When I woke up, Todd was pressed against me, head tucked under my chin, breathing softly.

I realized that I had gotten too close and that if Todd woke up now, I’d scare my best straight friend away. I regretfully extracted myself and tiptoed out of the room. The sun had set now, and my stomach was growling.

To my pleasure, Todd slept through the night. When he came down for breakfast the next morning morning, he was ruffled and rumpled. 
“How did you sleep? I asked, offering him OJ.”
He took the glass and sipped. “mm. Fruity. I slept well, thanks. I had a really nice dream…I can’t quite remember it now. It was like I was in a womb or something. Something was all around me, and I was SO warm and comfy.”

I blushed and turned back to the quiche I was making. “Is that so?”:
“Mmhm. It was nice. I like that bed. I wanna sleep here again sometime.”
“You are welcome to sleep here as often as you want, Todd.You know that.”
Todd looked at me oddly, then opened his mouth before deciding to close it. He turned away. 
“What?” I inquired, setting the spatula down.
“Do…you ever get the feeling that we’re more than brothers, Sam?”
My mind raced. What did that mean? “…You mean like, soul mates?” I asked.
Todd’s face lit up. I saw relief flicker on his face.  “Yeah exactly like that.”
I walked up to him and put an arm around his shoulder. “Yeah, bro, just like that. Nothing more.”

Then, I noticed he was half-hard..

Text is fictional.


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