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Bo saw the pool empty on a nice Monday afternoon and saw an opportunity. His older brother Greg had his boyfriend over, and Bo was sure they’d be in it. He wondered where they were. Bo guessed they went out. He even decided to take a dip naked to avoid the wet laundry. When he took a step into the water, Bo heard a noise, and when he looked up he realized why Greg and his boyfriend weren’t using the pool – cause they were fucking in the cabana. Bo’s jaw dropped. Wow, it was really hot! They were really into it! Greg’s boyfriend, whatever his name was, was standing and getting pounded from behind. Hell, the wooden structure was creaking from their fucking.

It was sexier than anything else he’d seen on porn sites! Bo’s eyes went huge when he saw Greg pull out his long, thin dick and thrust it back in. His boyfriend moaned and threw his head back. Flecks of pre-cum went everywhere. 

Bo swallowed. “Shit.”
Suddenly, Greg’s boyfriend saw him. Bo could only stand there as watch as Boyfriend looked over his shoulder and said something to Greg. Greg looked up at little brother and grinned.
“Like what you see huh?”
Bo glanced down and his erection, then covered it in a hurry while blushing furiously.
Greg snickered. “I never pegged you for a boy-lover, Bo. Two in one family? Won’t dad be surprised.“
“I – I’m sorry, I don’t know you two were out here I -”
Boyfriend reached back and touched Greg on the thigh. They were having a hushed conversation that Bo couldn’t hear from where he was standing.
“You wanna come join us?” Greg asked. “Dennis always likes another cock to play with.”
Bo’s eyes went huge. “Wh-what? Are you serious?”
“Sure,” Greg said with a wave. “Come on. Teach you how to have some fun, little bro. You’re gonna be an adult soon. About time you learned.”

Bo’s heart was jack-hammering so hard he could barely form the words “yeah yeah sure” so he just nodded. Bo couldn’t take his eyes off of watching Dennis stroke his cock. It was short, but really thick. Bo wanted to go over there, so he took a step forward, not remembering he was on the pool steps. He fell face-first into the water..

When he emerged, gasping and flailing, Greg and Dennis were bent over laughing their butts off. Bo was sure he was blushing head to toe. Dennis came over with a towel and offered to dry him off, erection still bouncing. Bo was flattered – and turned on – to have the attention of older men. It would be a trend that would stick with him for the rest of his life.

Text is fictional.


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