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When keeping boys in chastity for the long-term, cute sweatpants are a good alternative for tight jeans, and make it easier to inspect and play with him.

I caught Trent’s eye, and he gave me a little smile. He liked to show off his cage for me. He called it “sunning”, and letting his cock “breathe”. I didn’t really get it. I think it was all a show for me. I walked over to Trent licking my lips. I put a hand over the back of the sofa and leaned in to cup his balls. He sighed and lifted up his hips. I stroked the taut flesh of his perfectly circular little testicles until he began to writhe. I pulled on them, trying to elongate his sac, making sure my fingertips caressed him in slow tortuous ways.
“Taka!” he gasped, trying to wiggle away.
I chuckled. “You are very hot. Love to feel how full you are. I wonder how many jerk sessions I’ve prevented. Look at you, all swelling in your cage without an escape. Look at it straining…so horny.”
He whimpered. I continued to hold and pet his balls, rolling them in my fingers and drawing little circles with my thumb. Trent’s cock was red and straining against its confines. I gave him a squeeze and then ghosted my fingers over his velvety skin. Trent jerked under me and grabbed my wrist.
“Taka!” he begged, his voice raspy. “Please-”
“You’re not going to ask me to stop are you?”
He whimpered even more. I smirked, and didn’t stop. While I fondled his swollen balls, I pushed the fingers of my other hand into the tip of his cock cage and tickled his exposed glans.
Trent yelped and bucked. I straddled then sat on this thighs and continued playing with my boy, with my cock and balls.
“Oh god, Taka!” he moaned. “You’re making so fucking horny!”
“That’s the point love,” I replied. “And there’s nothing you can do about it…” My fingers were slick with his pre-cum. I rubbed it right back into his testicles.

I continued playing with him for a good while until he was flushed and had put a pillow over his face to suppress his groans. I knew Trent hated how desperate he sounded. His crotch was soaked and his cock was furious, trying so hard to bust out of the metal. Every touch to his crotch made him jump and twitch.

I pulled back a moment to inspect my handiwork. His balls were now puffed up and looking delicious, and everything gleamed with pre-cum. I scooted down and pulled his balls into my mouth, licking and sucking while he drooled cum on my lips. Trent’s toes curled and he began to beg and plead for release.
“Sir, please Sir, I can’t – I can’t take this anymore oh god! Please let me cum please!”
“No,” I would reply. “I have something else in mind…”

When I pulled away, Trent gave me this kicked-puppy look. He hated being frustrated, but he didn’t want me to stop. I had him under my control entirely.
“Don’t touch,” I instructed. He nodded, moving wriggling his hips, unable to sit entire still.

I returned with a bottle of lube and an Aneros plug. Trent’s eyes went wide. “Oh god, Taka, please not that I won’t be able to think!”
I smirked. “Spread your legs boy.”
Trent chewed his lip. He knew disappointing me resulted in only one thing – delaying his release date. With a sigh, he pushed his pants down to his knees parted his thighs. “Mmm beautiful,” I exhaled. “You smell so hot.”
“I’m too fucking horny,” he complained.
I ignored him, and then slid the slick Aneros plug in. The moan he emitted gave me shivers. His ass ate it hungrily. “Oh that’s a good boy. Now, stand up.”
Trent blinked at me.
“Stand. up.”
Carefully, Trent sat up. When the plug hit home, his mouth opened and he gasped. More pre-cum dribbled out, coating his balls that were still wet with my spit. I felt my own cock throb in my pants at the sight.
“Stand up.”
With wobbly legs and my helping hand, Trent did so. He was rubbing his thighs, nearly crazy with urges to touch himself.
I feasted on the sight of my horny, helpless boy. “Perfect. Horny, frustrated, wet, and teased.”
“What- what are you going to do with me now…?” he inquired.
“Errands,” I said cheerfully, digging a list of my pocket. “Drycleaners, grocery store, post office…”

I tried not to laugh at the look of horror on his face. “Sir! But Sir I -! Taka, you can’t, not like this I -!”
“Oh yes, you can and you will. Just like how you are. No underwear. I want you to do your errands smelling like sex on a stick, unable to do a thing while your spunk drips down your leg, your plug stimulating you with every step.”
He whimpered again. “Sir…”
“Who owns your cock and balls?”
He sighed. “You do.”
“And your ass?”
“You do.”
“Damn right. I hold that key, I make the decisions for you. Now you go do your errands like a good boy, and when you get home, I will fuck you so hard the lights are going to go off in your head.”
A look of relief crossed his face. “Could you please fuck me now? Please? Just – just please, all I can think about is your dick!”
He groaned.
“I just got your plug in there. Now go put on your sandals, grab your wallet, and go.”
Trent glanced at the floor. He was breathing low and steady. He sighed in submission. “Yes sir.”
“Oh, and Trent?”
“…Yes sir?”
“One more thing.”
I took the remote out of my pocket and set the vibration level in the plug to “intermittent pulse”.

Text is fictional.


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