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Todd relaxes on the couch in his bedroom and gazes out the window. He came right home from practice and stripped down. He had settled in for his post-school wank before his parents got home, but his mind would not settle on a female fantasy. There were lots, and they usually did the trick alright…but it wasn’t working today. Todd’s mind kept drifting to the way Coach Mack had patted him on the butt after practice, gave him just the tiniest of squeezes, and said, “Good work out there today, kid.”

The words had made pride flourish in his chest. Todd’s father was a perfectionist and not one to dispense praise merely for effort, only for taking top prize. It made him feel good to know Coach recognized him… but that grab, that squeeze. It had sent a zing right to his balls. He’d never felt anything like that before! He began to stroke himself as he imagined Coach squeezing his ass. With a sigh of surrender, Todd relented and let his mind wander to a forbidden place. A taboo place. He had denied to himself that he wanted to look at it, but he was 99.999% sure Coach Mack did not wear underwear and it was noticeable. Behind his eyelids, Todd could easily picture Coach’s goods moving around in his athletic shorts like he’d seen a hundred times, his balls shifting with every step. God, why was that making his dick so hard? Todd didn’t get it. He was straight.

He’d seen other guys naked in the locker room before, and he’d seen their dicks, but it hadn’t excited him like this. Todd sped up his pace as he masturbated. He created a new fantasy that he’d seen Coach Mack’s balls fall out and Coach had let him stuff them back up. Soon his mind was reeling, exploring scenarios about touching in the shower, kissing, cupping-

and then the world went white. Sounds of flesh pumping flesh were muted by blood pounding his ears. “Fuck fuck fuck FUCK!” Todd gasped like a fish out of water as a huge orgasm ripped through him. His toes curled, his legs cramped. Jizz splashed everywhere, up his torso, his collarbone, hell there were flecks on his cheek! His vision went a bit spotty for a moment too. He felt sore, like he’d been tossed by a wave.

He crested downward on a slide glide, still playing with himself. Wow! he thought, panting. What the hell was that?? 

Text is fictional.


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