Hello! Firstly, I want to thank you for your oh so beautiful blog! (Try telling your boss you can’t go to work today because you found yet another awesome blog.) Secondly, I’ve lost a blog and I think they reblogged from you a few times. Plenty of chastity and locked boys and almost ever gif and image had a rather long caption written by the blogger. It was called something like All About the Boys, and was intensely hot. THANK YOU!


Thanks for the kind words, and here’s the blog you’ve lost! It’s indeed full of hot captions that clearly took allbecauseoftheboys some effort to write. From tender BDSM-moments to very sexual content and everything inbetween. Fappable for the free men, strainable for the chaste ones, haha.

You’re welcome! ^^

Oh my goodness, they’re talking about me. I go away for a weekend and almost miss this! Thanks for passing an anonymous fan back my way, gayboykink.

Btw – anon, if you are trying to locate one specific caption, PM me and we’ll try and figure it out.


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