Best of December

Best 20-ish original-content posts from December~

Why am I panicking? I’ve always wanted to be treated like a whore
Dildo-sucking pup

Vintage Houseboy Sluts

I love you, Dad. …Fuck!

Quality time with dick

Leaking at work

Compliments of the hotel

Hm, where did I put my toys?

Checking your pussyboi for wetness

Ubyr roadhead

Meat Packer shirt guy

Table punishment

Snowed-in? Slut out.

Wait. Waaaiiiiit. Good corporate dog.

Thinking about all the dicks I’ve sucked…

Dear Diary, today I got to fuck Collin.

Davey takes care of his horny, locked boy

Bigger, cooler sword

Tempting the slave with a cigarette
Torturing the houseboy’s cock for masturbating

Can’t stop kissing you

And of course,
Interrogating the Cat
& Marriage Proposal


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