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Justin and Diego decided to treat themselves this Hanukkah and splurge on the best mattress in their budget. The other one was in damn sorry shape. It was yellowed and creaky; there were a big dent in the middle where they cuddled together at night. In addition to the lumps, a couple of the springs were broken – souvenirs from a few particularly vigorous nights of sex.

Three seconds after the delivery boy left with a tip and a handful of Star of David cookies, Justin and Diego peeled out of their clothes and got to testing it out. It looked like a giant rectangular marshmallow. At first they just jumped on the mattress like children, laughing at their cocks bouncing around, but soon hands and mouths gravitated together until they were both randy and ready to play. Diego begged his lover to allow him to try out this position he’d never gotten to do, riding Justin backwards while crouched over his lap. He could only be fucked this way if the bed would do most of the work.

Both men were delighted when the springiness of the mattress lived up to their expectations. For Justin, it was such a bizarre sensation to feel something push up under him when he was thrusting into Diego. His pale cock was deep red and rock solid; he couldn’t take his eyes off that brown bubble-butt bouncing on his thighs up and down, up and down.

God, why hadn’t they done this sooner! They spent the entirety of Hanukkah in the bedroom, enjoying all their favorite positions as if they were brand new. They would kiss after eating chocolate gelt, and the floor was littered with the shiny metal wrappers. By the eighth night of the holiday, they went to light the menorah and realized they still hadn’t even opened most of their presents yet!

Text is fictional. CockyBoys gets credit.


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