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First was that theater kid, Kip, behind the vending machine in high school….and most recently, that hot Puerto Rican guy behind the bar. There’s been a lot in-between. Anthony, my best friend’s roommate in college, after he lost that bet. He liked it too. Man, I wonder what happened to Silvio. Hottest foreign exchange student ever, with the body of a god. Then there was that bear I sucked off at the gym. That wasn’t really my thing, but god what a cock on that man. Still picking hair out of my teeth though. God who else? Ryosuke, the skinny Japanese guy. He was one loud motherfucker. Dion. John. Chris. So many guys off Grindr. I don’t think I remember half their names – the dude with the eagle tattoo, the redhead, the Russian accent guy. I wonder if James counts, cause I stopped sucking his dick once I realized he didn’t clean his foreskin right. Gross. Who else? Oh, Marcus. Never seen a guy so proud of such a small dick. Fit so nicely in my mouth. Man, I’ve sucked a lot of cock. I wonder what that says of me? It says I like to suck cock, that’s what. Most guys are grateful, at least I like to hope. Everyone likes getting their dick sucked. Oh, forgot about Aaron…

Oh crap, this is my stop! “Wait, hold the doors!”

I rush off the bus, giving a wave to the bus driver in thanks. I get out of traffic and find a spot on the sidewalk to stand so I can check my phone. I fire out a text message: “Hey David, just got off the bus. On my way to your place. Looking forward to meeting you. Hope you’re naked.”

Text is fictional.


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