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“Check this out. My friend did a filter thing on it. Cool pic huh?”
“Jesus, Sam, ya fat bastard, look at ya! You’re a stud!”
I laughed. “Alpha male, I tell ya. It’s one of my favorite shots. Just me and my boys.”
“Why is the dog in front?”
“Well, he’s better trained and better bred. He’s got papers. The slave back there I just took in – he’s a Latin mutt. Last Master turned him in due to overcrowding. Badly trained and growly. I put him in his place in those first three days I’ll tell you what,” I laughed again. “You see how resigned he looks?”
“Cause he knows he’s under the dog.”
“It’ll be good for him. Already showing some improvement already. He’s food fixated, so if you promise him food, he’ll do almost anything. Yep, he’s a good boy. Love him already.”

Text is fictional.


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