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Getting your first kiss at the Spring Church Picnic will always be memorable… you sure hope nobody comes to check on why it’s taking you two so long to put away the sports equipment. You wonder how on Earth he can be the lacrosse team captain, a Prom King nominee, a top art student, and be such an excellent kisser on top of this. His lips are softer and yet firmer than you ever imagined them to be. He smells like grass and sweat mixed with his own, making your cock stir and your pulse quicken. Your cheeks feel warm, and you get goosebumps as slides his palms over your shoulders. You never want to stop pressing your lips to his, and with each kiss you get hungrier…and hungrier.

When he pulls away, he’s panting too, staring at you with glazed eyes. You can see the panic under them.
“…Sorry, was that…I mean… I don’t know where that came from,” he offers, wiping his lower lip.
“No no, it was nice,” you stammer, messing with your shirt hem. “You uh…want to do it again?”
He smiles a sweet, mischievous smile and looks around. “Yeah I do.”
“How about now?”
“…Now is good.”
And he leans in again.

You don’t even dare ask what he’s going to do about his girlfriend, but you have a feeling he doesn’t kiss her like that.

Text is fictional.


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