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Sunday playday!


I wanted to make a little post about how bf released me from chastity, but it turned out to be a thorough report on yesterday’s endeavors. Hope you’ll enjoy! x


Sunday’s are always the most useless days. Nothing to do but to sit home, and mentally prepare for the terrible monday morning that’s coming up. Perhaps that’s why my boyfriend ocassionally throws in a ‘kink’ day during free, lazy sundays. I love it when he puts the kink in ‘the-kinky-bf’ ^^

Just some background: I was in chastity for about 17 days pretty much 24/7. As you might’ve seen on my blog, the horniness it caused was killing me and I was playing with toys an awful lot to get some sexual relief besides the casual sex we had. That didn’t go unnoticed to my boyfriend either of course, so he announced that this weekend would be a nice day to play. I always get even more excited when he announces his kinky endeavors, because it makes me wonder what has inspired him and what he’ll be up to.

So… Sunday evening – after almost a full weekend of eagerly awaiting my fate – he took me to the bedroom. and told me to strip down. He then opened our naughty drawer (which is on my side of the bed of course ^^) and took out the penis gag, blindfold and spandex hood. Then came half a roll of leftover plastic wrap, which he used to bind my torso and arms so I couldn’t get my hands near my chastity cage.
He pushed me over, so I fell on my back on our bed and he cut a small hole in the plastic to get to the chastity lock. I was already leaking at the anticipation of what as going to happen when he took off the cage. Instead of immediately playing with my dick, he began stroking my body through the plastic. Nipples, thighs, chest, chin.. everywhere except for my throbbing dick that was just released from his confinement. 

Then all of a sudden he took the head of my dick, and started rubbing his thumb over my glans. I’m normally not that sensitive over there, but the denial made this the worst torture ever and I quickly began struggling my bondage and started moaning in my gag in a way too high pitch. He asked me if I wanted him to stop. I said yes, but apparently that was the wrong answer. Bf took the empty roll of plastic wrap, firmly pushed me on my side and started spanking my ass thoroughly. I knew what this was about. It was a predicament. He made me choose whether I wanted an agonizing cock head rubbing, or a rough spanking with the role. There was no way to win this. Because I hated the ‘thumbing’, I tried to endure the spanking for as long as possible, but when I was close to tears and struggled a lot, bf turned me over and started ‘properly’ stroking my dick getting me close to the edge in just a few strokes.

I tensed my back and legs to keep the orgasm as far away as possible, but again there was no way to win. After about twenty minutes (or perhaps 45.. idk) of edging, moaning and sweating bf had enough. He stopped, told me to cool down a little, and left the bedroom, leaving me throbbing and struggling on the bed. The gag caused me to drool a lot as well, but instead of swallowing it, I was only able to suck the plastic cock in my mouth… I’d rather prefer bf’s, but he left his cock surprisingly untouched during the whole scene. He even stayed dressed throughout.

After an unknown amount of time, bf came back. Immediately grabbed my dick and got my attention. In the mean time I barely lost my erection, even though he was away for quite some time. Just a minute later we were back at where we stopped: Right on the edge. Intense, loud and frustrating.

I begged him. Not to make me cum, but to please stop the stimulation for a while because the struggle to hold back an orgasm became harder and harder. Bf probably thought that me begging him to stop only meant I wasn’t being teased enough. He obviously wanted me to beg for release, but I didn’t. It wouldn’t help anyhow. For about fifteen minutes bf switched between teasing, some ball squeezing and (again) spanking with the empty plastic wrap role. He was pushing me with his edging. I was again close to tears, because every time I begged bf to stop, he went on for one or two more strokes, making it harder and harder to hold back. I was not allowed to cum, that was something he made very clear. 

But I did.
Muffled moans came from my gag, because I just couldn’t hold back a stream of cum dribbling out my cock when bf stopped stroking. He quickly continued his stroking and pushed me juuuust over the edge again. And again. And again. In about ten minutes he ruined like 5 orgasms until I was completely empty and one sweaty mental mess… Even then he continued palming me until I begged him to please stop stimulating my overly sensitive cock. He did and he left the room again, without saying a word. When he came back he cleaned the mess on my belly, pushed me over on my tummy and lubed my ass. 
I was exhausted. My jaws were aching from the gag, my ass was red from the spanking and my cock sore from bf’s unlubed treatment.. But still I loved the fact he still had a fire going in his dominance. Even though he had be using me for almost two hours, he still wanted one thing and that was to fuck my ass and fill me up with his cum. And so he did. It was the cherry on the pie. He collapsed on top of me and whispered in my ear how much he loved this. Then he left the bedroom again to let the situation really sink in. Fifteen minutes later, he came back, cut open the plastic wrap and undid my hood, gag and blindfold. We cuddled and I thanked him. It was awesome and I needed him to know that. 

We haven’t locked my chastity back on, because even the day after there’s still soreness and red irritated skin on my dick. Even if I wanted to masturbate, I couldn’t, haha. Next time I hope bf uses some lube on my dick as well, haha. On the plus side; For the first time in weeks I can get hard while writing a post. That’s a very nice feeling as well.  ^^

*jaw drops*


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