Your blog is great. Your pictures and captions make me so horny. I won’t masturbate though; I’ve given up masturbating so that the next time I orgasm will be at the hands of a man taking me and my virginity. Still, I haven’t orgasmed for 4 weeks and am getting so horny. I can only hope an alpha somehow finds and claims me soon. I’d love any advice you’d like to give me on anything.

Wow, hello there. Delighted to hear my writing and reblogs are having that effect. I’m also happy to hear you’re being a good boy and staying horny for a man, but make sure the man you find to take you will take care of you emotionally and mentally first. Losing your virginity after being horned up and denied for weeks will be a very intense experience. You are giving yourself as a gift to a man, so make sure that man cherishes you.  

That said, gayboykink has offered some good advice on getting some relief in the past – get a dildo and practice, practice, practice. It takes time to accommodate a cock up there, plus it will make you leak like hell and take some of the pressure off. If you’re really lucky you might even get an internal orgasm on your first try. Good luck. 

If you need specifics, message gayboykink…he’s experienced with this.

Thanks for reading~


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