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The biggest thrill was being had.

For five days a week, Ray was a buttoned-down, on-top-of-things guy at work, and for two days every weekend he finished the honey-do list at home, went to his kids’ events, and maybe carved out three hours on Sunday to watch the game.  He led, managed, fixed, and loved; he was the guy, the dude, the Man.

But now this business trip had changed everything.  Jack, who was only supposed to be another cog in the wheel, a junior manager whom Ray was actually sent to evaluate in preparation for a potential dismissal, had seen something in Ray he didn’t even know was there, and now here he was, the last day of his trip, walking in a leather jock and leather boots,his ass bare to the world, his body viewed and appreciated by a street filled with hundreds, hand-in-hand with a man who spent all last night cherishing him, unlocking him, adoring and making love to him. Hurt?  Like hell.  But worth every moment.

He was had, and it was wonderful, and he just didn’t know that he’d ever be able to go back.

There is no back, only forwards.


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