Do you only do captions or do you have a profile where you do longer stories, like on AO3, DeviantArt or FF(.)net etc?





I only write captions here. I’m trying to expand my Tumblr into a website and having a lot of difficulty with it. Part of the issue of why I don’t post longer stories is that my posts are full of fucking typos. Every time I go back to read stuff, it’s just full of typos and grammar errors. So I’m really hesitant to post long form stuff, like long chapters a week apart or so, because I have a feeling I’ll have to go back in and do heavy editing to have it all mesh well. Makes me really self-conscious. Also, when I write something long – like a short story – it can take over an hour to read through it. Editing it can take up to five hours. It’s really exhausting. One day I hope to being able to have a paid editor at call.

Also, I do not write fanfic in any way, shape, or form. When I was in high school, I tried to write Gackt x Hyde fanfic and was so disgusted with myself that I deleted soon after. 

Don’t feel bad about guilty-pleasure fanfics. We’ve all been there, honey. We’ve all been there.

But it wasn’t a guilty pleasure thing… I didn’t find any pleasure in it at all. It’s just what every one else was doing in the fandom, so I tried it. I don’t even read fanfic. It makes me uncomfortable.

How so? Is it using someone else’s characters in naughty situations? Or was it the fact that you were writing about real people engaged in a naughty situation? Or both? Or something else?

All of that… it may be because I am a really private person, but the idea of putting some other real person in sexual situations that I imagine seems really weird. Even the idea of imagining porn stars in my own fantasy situations is weird. Also, because I’m an author, the idea of taking someone else’s character and repurposing them for my own perverted imagination seems like kind of a violation of some invisible writer’s code. I don’t think my view on this is standard, though.


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