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“Mmmnng. Mnnng.” Kevin grumps, waking up. He rumples his hair. “What happened?” Kevin wracks his brain. He remembers a handsome face at the bar, a beautiful lithe body, and a plump cock that he played with for hours and that ass… he sniffs the air. Cum. Lube. Sex. “Nng…”

Suddenly, the bathroom door opens and from the darkness steps the boy from his dreams. He stares at the lad from under a mop of ruffled hair.
“Oh hey there cowboy, you’re up?”
“What time is it?” Kevin slurs.
“About 2 in the afternoon. Hard to tell. There’s no windows in here.”
“Who are you?”
“I’m Lucien. You picked me up from the bar last night cause I needed a ride. Also, I needed a ride home. You gave me both those things.”

Lucien saunters forward. Kevin watches his hips roll; he was wearing clingy underwear in sky blue. Lucien ruffles his hair and Kevin’s hands gravitate toward his hips. “I remember the sex. The sex was very good,” Kevin says.
“It usually is with me,” Lucian replies with a smirk. “Lucky you, I usually charge a lot for access to my ass-”
Kevin jerks his head up. “You’re a prostitute?” He immediately regrets the tone he used when saying that.
Lucien tilts his jaw down and purses his lips in thought. “I rather like the term "boywhore”. It makes me feel fancy.“ He could only keep a straight face for a moment, then he giggles childishly into his wrist. "Yes, I take men on the side, but not tonight. I was just plain-ol horny and you looked fun. Plus, you got me halfway back to Cordova.”
Kevin wonders if this brown haired boy is some sort of demon or something because just listening to him talk was mesmerizing, and his cock was beginning to stir again. “Well uh…I drank a lot last night, and to be honest, I probably shouldn’t have been driving, but we actually overshot Cordova by like 10 minutes. We’re in my friend’s crashpad in Spring Creek.”

Lucien grins. “See? Being a slut gets you far!”
Kevin couldn’t help but chuckle. “I’ll take you back, don’t worry. I gotta head back up that way to get to the highway anyway.” He works his fingers into the elastic of Lucien’s underwear. “No real rush though…don’t have work until Monday.”
“What do you do?” Lucien asks, still combing his fingers through Kevin’s tangled hair.
“I work at the Dr Pepper bottling plant. Was in West Virginia helping my aunt move.”
“That’s nice of you,” Lucien notes. “You know you can pull those down if you like.”
“Mmmn I think I will,” Kevin says, cupping Lucien and pushing his cock around with the fabric between them. “In a moment.” Lucien breaths slowly and softly as Kevin plays with him. He can hear crickets or cicadas outside, some loud little insect things.
“What’s it like being a prostitute?” Kevin inquires.

“Hmm…” Lucien exhales. “I get laid for a living. I couldn’t ask for anything more. The money’s great, I meet interesting people and hear about their life stories. You wouldn’t believe how different a penis can look. And god, some people have ugly testicles.”
Kevin laughs in earnest. “Now I wonder what you think about mine…”
“I can’t remember – I drank so much. Let me see?”
Kevin pulls his underwear aside so they fall out.
“Decent enough. Good shape.”
“I like yours more,” Kevin replies, putting his away and turning his attention back to Lucien’s body. He tugs down the elastic hem and enjoys the sight of the young man’s genitalia. “You are gorgeous.”
Lucien smiles. “They all say that too.”

“Do you get tired of being fawned on?” Kevin asks, wrapping his hand around Lucien’s cock.
“Oh yes, for sure. But I think if the praise stopped and the customers stopped, I would get horribly depressed. I need the attention.” Lucien adds a Southern-belle tone to his voice. “Without it, then I’m just a sad lonely homo from Cordova.”
Kevin chuffs. “God you’re funny. That turns me on so bad.”

Lucien pushes Kevin down back onto the bed and straddles his thighs. He arches his back and rubs the underside of his hard shaft against Kevin’s clothed bulge. Kevin groans and squeezes his fingers into Lucien’s hips again. “Oh I like that…” he breaths.

Lucien moves again and again until dark spots of moisture began to appear on the fabric from the cock trapped inside. “Hey Kevin.”
“Tell me I’m ugly, I want to see if I can stay hard.”
Kevin blinks at him. “What?”
“Tell me I’m ugly.” Lucien is grinning like a fool. “Tell me what an ugly, dirty boy, I am.” He punctuates this by leaning over Kevin and grinding his pelvis against the man’s own.
A moan escapes Kevin’s lips. He steals a kiss from Lucien and tries to think through the fog of arousal.

“We- well,” he began, trying to think of how to respond to this as he gazed up at Lucien’s sweet face. “I can’t.”
“Yes you can. Make stuff up if you have to.”
“You’re um. Your eyes are a bit far apart. You have a cowlick on your eyebrow. One of your ears is a bit… larger than the other?”
Lucien’s eyes were sparkling. “More!” he insists, never breaking stride.
“I – I don’t know! You’re too skinny! You need to eat a sandwich. A – a meat sandwich. With like, really fatty bacon in it! I bet you only appreciate really gross condiments like Miracle Whip. White boys love Miracle Whip.”
Lucien loses it and dissolves into giggles. ‘What the hell Kevin?“
Kevin was starting to get a hang of this. "You sound like a goose when you laugh. Your cock leans slightly to the left. Your eyes are the color of … of…pond water! You’re far too sexy for your own good and your ass is like a bowl of jello. Not like, the good red Jello either – the weird green shit that tastes like Windex.”
Lucien had to stop because he was laughing too hard. “Ok ok stop! I can’t. I give up, I can’t do this. Wait – how do you know what Windex tastes like?” It took him a minute to catch his breath. His diaphragm hurt. “Oh god, look I’m getting soft.”
Kevin’s cheeks ache from smiling. “I wounded its pride. Sorry buddy, there’s nothing wrong about leaning to the left.” He gives Lucien’s cock a sympathy pat.
Something about that set Lucien off again and he rolls off of Kevin, clutching his sides. “Oh god Kevin! Stop! I can’t!”

Kevin sits up and moves on top of Lucien and tickles him until they were both screaming and wrestling like little children. Neither heard the footsteps until the door opens. Light floods the room, making them both squint.
“Hey, keep it down in here! I told you Kevin, you could use this room if you kept quiet. I got the game on.”
“S- sorry,” Kevin stammers.
John shuts the door with a humph and stormed off.

Lucien looks at Kevin, bewildered. “When you said this was your buddy’s crash pad, I didn’t actually think he was home.”
Kevin shrugs. “Me neither.”
There was a pause, and they began to snicker again. Lucien took a big breath. “God, my sides hurt. Will you fuck me now so I can go home?”
“Oh you bet,” Kevin smirks, shucking off his underwear. He pins Lucien to the bed, rolls a condom on, and parts Lucien’s legs. Lucien is warm and smells like clean air after a good rain; Kevin nibbles his shoulder and ear as he enjoys the grip of the the boy’s body. He is dripping with sweat by the time he is done thrusting in and out of Lucien’s tight little ass. The lad really makes him work for the orgasm. Kevin ejaculates in a gush, breaks their kiss, and collapses on top of him. “You know, it’s gonna be hard going back to work knowing what a weekend I had.”
“Oh pshaw,” Lucien says once he catches his breath. “You’re gonna tell everyone you fucked some Southern darling to hide your sexuality and when they ask how pretty she was, you’ll say -” Lucien changes his voice to a Texan accented one now – “well, hell if I know, boys, she was so ugly I fucked her backwards with the lights off. Name was Paperbag Betty.”
Kevin laughs until he wheezes. “Shit, Lucien. Paperbag Betty. Christ, I’m gonna have to remember that. Alright Betty, get up. We both need showers and a good hot meal. Then I will regretfully leave you in Cordova and we shall part.”
“Send me some freshly bottled Dr Pepper would ya?”
“I …think I can arrange that,” Kevin says. “Or you could come try it yourself.”
“They pay you that much?” Lucien teases.
“Oh is how that is?”
“Yes, that’s how it is. I hope you understand.”
“I do, and I consider myself a lucky man you fancied me at that bar.”
Lucien pauses. “…God, what bar was that again?”
“…Christ, I can’t remember!”

The laughter begins yet again, and they were both in the shower together by the time John came to bang on the door.

Text is fictional. I really wish I had another word for “laughter”, sheesh. Lucien is one of my reoccurring characters. Source of this photo unknown.


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