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Bert wrapped his hand around the thick, swollen meat of Roger’s cock. It was throbbing in his hand and it made him excited. It was a really gorgeous cock, not too long, but thick, taut and cut. It begged to be sucked. For Bert, it was a relief to just let his thoughts about the war and occupation fall away and let his basic instincts take over. He stopped suddenly, his lips hovering over the slick flesh of Roger’s glans. Roger was looking down at him, his brow lightly furrowed in concentration.
Bert froze. “Did – did I misinterpret something when you took off your pants?” he asked hesitantly. He still didn’t release his grip on his prize.

“No….that’s what I wanted. I knew you wanted it too, the way you were rubbing me like that. You’re all pent up and horny, just like me.”
Bert nodded shyly and began to lap at the pre-cum beading on the tip. Roger continued talking as he sucked on it like a lollipop.
“I know your type too. I bet back home you’re the all American boy. Wholesome. The pride of your mother. There’s probably a girl from your childhood who thinks she’s gonna marry you one day. You probably first joined the Navy to see the world and make your dad proud, but you were really in it for the men. I bet you had a taste for men for a while. I bet some nights the craving to be with one just makes you lose your marbles. I bet you lie awake in your bunk too and wonder what it’d be like to have sex, to be taken like a girl from behind.”
Roger was delighted to see that boy between his legs blush hard.
“You’re not going to return home a virgin, Bert. You’re too eager, you love cock too much to let that stone be unt– nnnng! Ahh yeah, do that again. Mnn hell, that feels good.” Roger lost his train of thought a moment, watching through heavy lids as his cock slid in and out of Bert’s pretty lips.

“Yeah that’s it…god you have such an eager tongue. I bet after this war is over, you’re gonna go home and find yourself miserable. Too hard to be a queer in a small town these days. You’re gonna move to the city and just drive the boys wild. Especially in that uniform…”
Bert blushes again.
Roger smirks. “Yeah…that’s it. Nice and slow. We got a whole day off and the bowels of the ship to ourselves. Don’t rush that now. It’s all yours. God, what an eager little cocksucker you are.”

Text is fictional


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