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Oh yeah.  Give me your toxic seed before mom gets home.  

“Jordan, mom is gone, let’s do that thing you showed me last time. It felt so good, I can’t stop thinking about it. It makes my dicklet get so hard and I can’t help rubbing it in my underwear until it makes a big mess. It hurt some but what I remember most is how full I felt, how big you felt, and it was wonderful, so please Jordan.”
“Danny, you’ve graduated high school, you’re almost grown up. Don’t talk about sex like you’re a little boy.”
“Sex? That’s what we had? That can’t be. Sex is what a man and a woman do together, it’s what couples do together. It’s what makes babies if they allow it. We can’t get sex, we’re related. What we had was just…just…”
“Fucking?” Jordan offers, amused at his naivety.
“Yes. Fucking. Fuck me, Jordan, make me feel good like that again. Take the pressure off, I feel like I’m going to burst.”
At that, Jordan groans. “Christ…I created a slut out of you. Shit. You want it bad don’t you?”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but yeah I want it. The way you mounted me from behind it and took me–” Danny exhales a ragged breath. “I nearly just came. I need it again. Please, please, fuck me. Tell me what you told me, to keep my dicklet tucked between my legs so you can stroke it from between my thighs… all those sexy words you used, I’d be so hot for you. Hell, I wish I could be like that all the time, just your helpless, horny slave.”
Jordan licked his lips, his cock hardening in his pants. “You sound like a bitch in heat, begging for a male.”
“Yes,” he whimpers, breathless, “I never felt like this before. It consumes me. I feel like I’ve awakened. Take me, I’m begging you, or I’m going to go on Craigslist and find some man to take me as hard as-”
“No no no,” Jordan interrupts. “I don’t want any perverts putting their hands on my brother. You’re very fragile right now, emotional, and malleable. You should only trust me to take care of your needs.”
Danny huffed. “Yes, yes, that’s why I came to you!”
“Alright, alright, but Danny – you must not tell anyone we’re doing this. No one will understand. When you’re older and your hormones have calmed down, I’ll find you a man to slake your lust and keep you as his own.”

“But what about now?” Danny whines.
Jordan massages his crotch through his jeans. “I’ll give you what you want, I’ll take you. But! Only for your own good, because if you don’t get it from me, you’ll get it from somewhere dangerous. I must keep you safe.”
“Keep me safe, Jason. Make me feel good.”
“Shh shh. I will. Now, we’re running out of time before mom gets home. Strip and present yourself on the bed. I want you in a submissive position when I come back with the lube.”

Jordan come back into the room a minute later to find Danny on the bed, naked, head down and ass in the air with his legs spread.
“Good God,” Jordan gasped. “God I can smell you from here.”
“Look at my underwear,” Danny said, breathy, gesturing with his hand. “Look.”
Jordan pick them up. The crotch was soaked with a recognizable white stain. “Is this from now?”
“No,” Danny admits, “Earlier today, when I was doing errands. My dicklet got hard from the car vibration and I came my pants while shopping at the drug store. I had to walk around with wet underwear, but I left them on because I felt so horny.”

Jordan wraps his fingers around the underwear and tries to steady his heartbeat.
“Ok. Danny. Two things.”
“Then you’ll fuck me?”
“Yes. But two things. One – don’t call it a dicklet. It’s just your cock.”
“No a cock is what you use to fuck me with.”
“Where are you getting these ideas?”
Jordan stared at him. “You really prefer it like that?”
“Yes!” he insists. “The idea of submitting to a man…being an inferior sex toy to him…god it sounds like heaven.”

In that moment, Jordan begins to wonder if he’s created a monster out of Danny. He fears Danny is going to wear him out, and when they get weary, that’s when they’re gonna get caught. He suspects soon, it will be more efficient to milk his brother using vibration and e-stim to take off the edge. Well, on top of fucking. That’s going to happen no matter what until Jordan found someone for him. College life just got more complicated.

“This is ridiculous,” Jordan mutters, getting out of his clothes. “Alright you horny little slut. We can’t have mom see you like this. I’m going to split you in half.”
At this, Danny yowled like a cat in heat and writhed until Jordan slicked up and took him.

Text is fictional. Helix Studios. More gifs from this set here.


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