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Harper glanced over his notes, confirming that the passage he found in the book would support would his argument in the paper. He was pleased with himself; the report was coming along nicely – he would get a top grade for sure. Cody would be pleased as well.

Harper enjoyed the results of his hard work, and blushed under his parent’s praise, but the approval of Cody meant the most. The first semester of college had been a horrible flop – free from his backwater town, suppressed Harper had been overwhelmed with all the men on campus. So many men, in so many shapes, sizes, and colors! He feasted in a frenzy of sex and dick, failing classes and getting an STD for his trouble.

Cody was the only one night stand to see how miserable he was –

“I can’t turn it off Cody! I’m horny all the time! Day, noon, night. All I think about is sex sex sex and more sex! When I’m taking notes, I’m hard, when I’m trying to do homework all I can think about is a masturbation break…and then my cock gets hard and I have to jerk off!”

Cody reassured him that he wasn’t going to flunk out, and that he had a magic solution. Harper loved the gentle, reassuring feeling of the cage around his dick. It did kind of suck that he couldn’t cum during sex anymore, but Cody milked him on a regular schedule so that was alright. It was just between the milkings that felt like forever. Like today, for example. He leaked constantly and was now. Recently, Harper kept having to bring a change of underwear to class with him or else he’d be soaked through by the end of the day.

Still, the humiliation and horniness was a good price to pay for focus. Chastity was better than adderall, and the sex was amazing. Harper was sure he was going to graduate with honors. He bit off a moan as he felt another thick drop tickle the tip of his sensitive cock as it gathered, then fall, and seep into his underwear. Yeah, the waiting between milkings sucked a lot. Harper sighed and turned his attention back to his paper. He didn’t want to bother Cody by begging for release too much. It showed weakness. Once he got this paper done through, asking for a reward for doing all his homework early was not out of the question.

Text is fictional. Source is Corbis.


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