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“Sir – I can’t wear this! It’s – it shows off everything!” he stammers.
I remain firm. “You will wear them because I say so, and if you go against my orders I will spank you in them.”
He plucks at the tight denim and screws up his face. “I’m sorry for being stubborn, Sir, but but….why?”
“Think about it, boy. Your cock has lost its function as a sex object. It’s hidden away, no longer allowed to harden like a real man’s cock would. Since it’s just flesh now, it doesn’t need to be tucked away. I want it on display where I can see my property and make sure it gets fresh air. Plus, every time you feel the breeze against your smooth balls, you’ll remember you’re owned.”
“Yes…yes Sir, I am owned. Thank you for holding my key and training me.”
“Good boy. It’s been a pleasure. Now, go on your evening walk now and stop by the gas station on the way home to pick up a family-sized bag of Skittles.”
“Family-sized sir?”
“Yes. For sharing with good, obedient boys. Unless of course, I have to spank you and restrain you and you can watch me eat them.”

He stares at me. I can see the gears in his head moving. Skittles are his favorite candy, and he is on a sugar-restricted diet to curb his ballooning weight. His last Master spoiled him nearly rotten. He was more of a pampered poodle than an actual slave; he was not punished for rule breaking, gorged on whatever he pleased, and cock was allowed to go free. Why even own a slave if all you do is – …I shake my head and cut my own thoughts off. I didn’t want to irritate myself thinking about that again.

He’s made his decision. “May I take a bottle of water on my walk Sir?”
“Yes,” I say, punctuating it with a smile. “Take one of the little sports bottles.”
He nods and sets his face, determined to face humiliation and complete his task. “May I be dismissed Sir?”
“Yes. Oh, and one more thing boy?”
“Yes Sir?”
“If you feel the urge to piss on your walk…I expect you to do it outdoors and I want you to film it on your phone for proof.”
His eyes go wide. He’s never been asked to do anything quite so daring, so naughty. “Sir-!”
“Yes? Is there a problem?” I absentmindedly tug on his cage.
He works his jaw, then swallows he words; he squirms in my grip. “No …no Sir, there isn’t. I’m going on my walk now.”
Little by little, I can see the stubbornness and attitude problems melt away to reveal the prize of a slave underneath. He makes me so proud, every single day. “Good boy,” I say with as much fondness in my voice as I can. I squeeze him on the ass then give it a pat to indicate he should go; I watch him prepare for his walk and leave the house. After a moment of reflection, I get up and go to find a candy dish and check the batteries in the vibrator.

Text is fictional. I think source is OP.

Sorry, one post today – not feeling well.


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