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Boris pops the SD card into his laptop, hopeful the footage confirms the noises he heard in the middle of the night. The file transfers and he opens it – and there’s the evidence, obvious as he can be. He sighs a little sigh of relief and punches the air with his fist. His youngest son, Michael, had been so far behind his other siblings when it came to sexual exploration. The others had gone through a natural progression, curious about dating and sex. Michael’s older brother was a horn dog and Boris had to put him in chastity a while so he would focus on his grades, and Michael’s sister had gotten caught more than once not wearing underwear to school.

Michael though… he’d been so shy, so withdrawn, that Boris had begun to worry his youngest son would never bloom. At first he thought it was because he was gay and nervous about it, but it was just Michael’s personality to be passive and introverted. Boris knew Michael needed a more confident, alpha man to guide him along the path to maturity.

Boris was beginning to wonder if Michael was going to transfer to community college to University without losing his virginity, when he got a phone call. A cousin wanted to check out Universities in the area for a Master’s program and would it alright if he stayed with you for a week? Boris was more than ok with it. Michael and David had been close growing up together, and Boris knew David was bisexual. It anyone could get through to Michael, it’d be him. To make sure, Boris sat down with him the first day he was here. It had been an awkward, but necessary conversation:

“So, as I said, you’re family and welcome in my home anytime. Just get settled and I can help you look at schools tomorrow.”
“Thanks, Mr. Cranbell, I really appreciate it. Montgomery Tech has a great Masters program in robotics, I’m really interested in it.”
“Maybe we can see if you can have lunch with the department or something. I know someone on staff there, I play pool with him.”
“That’d be fantastic! Personal connections are always better for building careers.”
“Indeed David,” Boris agreed. He paused for a moment. “David…on a new topic, I have a bit off an unkosher favor to ask you.”
“What is it, Mr. Cranbell?”
“It’s about Michael.”
David furrowed his brow. “What about Michael?”
“He’s… he’s well, behind. He’s not exploring properly for a boy his age, you know…” Boris struggled how to phrase this.
“Oh is it because he’s gay?”
“…You knew?”
“I can tell,” David said with a knowing smile, “I’ve suspected for a while. You think cause I’m sometimes into dudes that you want me to help bring him out of the closet a little?”
Boris sighed in relief. “I’m not asking you to make him out and proud, I just…he shouldn’t not have any experience fooling around at this age. I don’t want him to fall behind his other peers, socially.”
David nodded. “I see what you mean. I’ll see if I can talk to him a bit.”

To Boris’s relief, the simple chat had paid off. Michael trusted David, and loved him like a brother, and Michael was so relieved David offered to answer any questions about boys and body care he might have…and it quickly escalated from there. Michael was indeed too shy to approach a stranger, but with David there, be poured out all his questions. It wasn’t long before they were touching, groping, taking long showers. Then Boris found a condom wrapper in the trash.

Boris kept hidden cameras around the house to prevent burglaries, and the one in the basement kitchen near the laundry had given him proof that David had finally made a man out of Michael. Boris was elated. Once Michael went off to college, no doubt he would branch out and perhaps start bringing guys home for dinner.

What he didn’t expect was that he kept bringing home David. After David entered into the Masters program, he moved into an apartment nearby. Michael stuck to him like glue. Boris had to sit down with David again and ask him what was going on, because people were wondering why a pair of cousins were acting like boyfriends in public.

To his relief, David had a suitable answer ready: “Your Michael just isn’t a shy bottom, he’s a very submissive bottom. He’s nearly helpless without another man to guide him, direct him. He needs to be in a proper adult discipline relationship, but I haven’t found anyone yet suitable that I trust with Michael. Michael still has needs, in the meanwhile, so I’m taking care of him until the right guy comes along.”

Boris was shocked and touched that David was so invested in his youngest son. He would never admit it, but Michael was always his favorite. It was nice not to worry for once in his life. Michael was in good hands. His role as a father was ending, and it was time to let David take control. Boris put a hand on David’s shoulder. “I trust you with him, just all I ask, is please don’t hurt him.” David nodded. “I won’t.”

A couple years later, Michael did bring a man home for dinner. Boris tried not to cry. It’s never easy to see your kids grow up.

Text is fictional. Amateur porn.


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