Hey there! I just read the post that was a “Part 2”. The one about Valentino. I just wanted to say it teared me up, reading the way the master cared for his boy, and what he was saying about treating, training and caring for the boy. It gives me hope that a Sir and Master like that will train me and treat me the same way he treated Valentino. Thank you so much for writing, I thoroughly enjoy and love your stories!

Awww thank you ;_; You’re so sweet. Funny enough, you’re not the first person who has said that post made them a little teary. I’m so floored my writing has such an impression on people. That post was rather verbose and I was expecting a lukewarm response to it, so now I feel like I owe all my readers a hug and a box of tissues to make up for how it affected people.

You’ll definitely find a good Master one day – just put your confidence forward and you’ll attract a Master who wants to be worthy of you.

Thanks for reading <3


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