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Amir felt totally helpless, stuck at work and reading the texts from his boyfriend who was having an increasingly bad day. He overslept. The printer ran out of ink. He spilled half his coffee on the counter and didn’t have time to make more. He managed to drive to school but because he was late, had trouble finding parking. Marvin had put the files he needed to print on a thumb drive, but when he got to the computer lab, he realized he’d left it at home. Luckily, his teacher was sympathetic and allowed a one day grace period.

It didn’t end there – the yogurt Marvin bought at lunch was spoiled. He dripped mustard on his shirt. When he took it off to wash it in the bathroom, someone snickered and called him “fatty” under their breath as they walked out. I laughed when my boyfriend texted me: “I wish I were a real bear, I would have bit him.” And on and on; my boyfriend worked at a cafe, and they called and said they were temporary closing because they’d violated health code. Mold in the ice maker, for example. And in an afternoon class? A plagiarism program had detected some inconsistencies on a paper he wrote, despite that it was all original content.

On the way home, Marvin’s car began to make funny noises. Despite his fearsome appearance, my boyfriend was a sensitive guy. I knew he was going to be upset and down from life dumping on him. I came up with a plan to cheer him up, and left work a little early. By the time, Marvin dragged himself through the door, he was mentally beat down and barely had the energy to kick off his shoes. I sent him a text: Come to the bedroom, babe.

Curious, he scurried down the hallway. When he opened the door, his face lit up. I was lying on the bed, nude and ready with my balls peeking out from between my legs, one of his favorite donuts perched on my ass.

“Oh Amir,” he purred. “Now that is a sight for sore eyes.”
“The donut is from Lucy’s.”
“Lucy’s still had chocolate frosties still late in the day…?”
“They had one left. I guess you could say you got lucky there.”
Marvin smiled. “A thoughtful boyfriend, his hairy ass on display for me, and a donut… yeah I guess you could say I am pretty lucky. I just don’t know which one to eat first.”

Text is fictional. This or this might be the source but not sure if that’s the original poster or not. This caption is for Big Gay Rob.


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