Hey there, how is life going? =) I wondered if you had any news on your story release? Must be really exciting and teasing having to wait for so long, haha. Have a nice day! x GBK

Hey there GBK! Life is going alright. Unemployed at the moment, but I have some leads for Monday.

The anthology the story Orion’s New Leash On Life is in, Mended, in will be released June 1st. Since it’s May, the presale price is now $49.99. That said, I presume the individual story is going to be sold that day as well but I haven’t heard anything else about it. I received the galley proof (basically a test PDF) to check for final mistakes last week, and the copyrights dictated it was for the anthology. I guess for the individual one, they just swap out the cover and cover credit.

It is exciting, but mostly it’s kind of surreal. There’s something called semantic satiation in where if you say a word too many times, it stops sounding like a real word. It’s kind of happening with this story. I wrote it in a month, then got immediately thrown into editing. Four rounds of editing, and after each one I read it outloud to listen for errors. It doesn’t really feel like something I wrote anymore. Also because the editors at Dreamspinner are amazing, and I’ve never produced anything so polished. Definitely feeling like I’m a person in that meme, “I wrote that? I wrote that”.

Also – I’m a little excited about this, but I can’t really tell anyone about it without having to fib about what it’s about. Cause if I make it sound too general, like a romance story, they’re gonna wanna read it – and if I say it’s about pup kink, then they’re gonna think I’m a pervert. So it’s kind of frustrating I can’t really talk about it in real life.


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