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     As things heated up between us, we were getting progressively more careless about doing things in public. Not that we were having sex on the new beds in the furniture section at Macy’s or anything like that. We were starting to hold hands in movies, sneak kisses when we thought we were unobserved.

     It all started to mean a lot to me when I saw how free straight couples were to neck, pet, and do other overtly sexual things in public without any fear of any kind of reprisal. All my life I’d had to hide my feelings from others, to keep my true nature as hidden as I could or risk being beaten up or called unsavory, hurtful names.

     So in the diner, when I realized that no one could see our arms or legs under the table, I put my hand on his hairy knee and just stroked. After a minute, his finger was on my shin, the other hand pressing on mine tightly. That was all that happened, then, but I know I remembered it later when we were alone. I’ll bet he did, too.

Sweet <3


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