OK, so I am new to the whole controversy, only just heard about it from BookofBaitNate, and I don’t think you did anything wrong. Initially I thought you wrote some kind of pornographic story but the caption was actually very sweet and provocative about gay men and their relationships with their parents. Maybe that was what made people angry or the fact that it was good and you wrote erotica… some people are just trolls. anyway, it got you a new follower, me. best, Bryan



Hey there dear. I bet this whole controversy confuses the fuck out of my new followers. A lot of the haters thought I did it for attention, that I was trying to be the boys in the picture, that I was using the plight of gay people for mad followers, etc. Of course, none of this is true, but since these people don’t know me, it’s understandable they’d jump to these conclusions. I should have seen it coming, anyway. People who saw that post checked my Tumblr out expecting to see sweet gay mush and instead got chastity pictures, so I think I freaked them out a wee bit…

Anyway, Nate is one of my bestie followers, so any friend of his is a friend of mine. Thanks for follow!


We still need to find out who removed the “text is fictional” from the post, but I doubt that’ll ever happen. Anyway, keep on truckin’ and enjoy what you do- and remember, you get hate on a site full of haters, it means you’ve hit the big time. 🙂

You know what really baffles me? There was only a short period of time when that post went up without a disclaimer, like way in the beginning. Once it started to get a lot of likes, I quickly tacked it on. But this was like, November 2013. The second round of viral insanity happened in April 2014. I’m like 99% sure that screenshot didn’t show up until April. So either someone was just sitting on the screenshot for like four months or they edited it the disclaimer out. And in the screenshot, you can see someone reblogged me – damamgedinvestigator was it? – but I checked that person’s Tumblr and it’s deleted it! Nancy Drew needs to get on this.


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