How did you get into writing? Are you a top/dom or bottom/sub?

Did I publish this or not? I can’t remember… it’s fucking long though, sorry.

I’ve been writing since I was a child, mostly stupid little stories and poetry. We had something in school called Young Authors Day where we gotta write little books and I always rocked at that. I’ve always loved to read and reading inspires writing.

I got into writing about cock through mIRC. I used to hang out in various yaoi scanlation groups in high school (god, the shame, the shame!), and befriended some people in those circles. One girl, D, said she and some friends used to do original content roleplaying and invited me to check out them playing. Well, turns out D’s friend, I think her name was Maya, was into some real heavy stuff – like hardcore pain BDSM and cruel characters – and it freaked me the fuck out. However, one of the other girls in the group, J, was kind of disgusted by it too and we paired off.

J and I roleplayed for five years, we created our own little fantasy world with huge families and storylines. It was very thorough. Well, J slowly began to get more manic and more manipulative. She had some negative situations in her home life and liked to put herself in shit situations for the pity and attention. Eventually, she became too toxic. I tried to help, but eventually I had to sever ties and say good-bye to her and my characters.

I tried to find other RP partners but none really compared to J’s caliber of writing. Gurl knew her shit. I RP’ed with a long term friend of mine, M, for a short while, but M got swallowed alive by various video game fandoms and essentially stopped wanting to RP with literally overnight. However, she introduced me to Tumblr. M also sent me her old Kindle when gifted with a new one, and it came with some pdfs of gay fiction.

Up until that point, I never really thought of writing for serious because I’d never finished anything I’d written. Writing novels is a huge undertaking. However, these stories for the Kindle were often short, simple, and most actually had decent plot with some appropriate sex folded right in. I read them and thought, “Hey I could do this!” (and then I’d read shit by like Erastes and be like, “I will never write again cause I will never be this good.”)

I decided to try my hand at writing on Tumblr to scratch the itch. Professional writers all advocate writing once a day and Tumblr has helped me to do that. Also, I’ve interned at a magazine, got published on a travel website, and wrote live reports for an industry music magazine. I really don’t wanna do those things for a job though. I wanna write erotica and romance.

And why? I don’t know. It’s satisfying. To answer your other question – I’m actually neither a sub or a dom. I have a very very low sex drive and have a severe aversion to being touched. Part of the reason why I write is because it’s fantasy. If I could be a top or bottom, I’d be both. I’d be a flaming gay man and a giant cock slut for sure. Like, Brian Kinney and Emmett Honeycutt in one. I swear to god.