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Oh my god. I am shaking. I am going to cry, as this has become a nightmare. Who took the disclaimer off of this and submitted this to Facebook?? I would like a word with you, thank you very much.

People are sending me messages now that I’m a horrible person for writing this. I just…I don’t know what to do or say anymore. I have never, ever lied to my readers from the beginning. I just stupidly didn’t realize how my post could be taken out of context and now I’m paying for it.

The boys in this post are

I am not posting anymore today while I do damage control for this.

[redacted for length]

I never heard of your tumblr or whatever.

so you just fucking take some people’s picture of their happiness. and fucking distort their life into your fucking stupid captioning bullshit? 

you fucking asshole maybe you should ask people before using their pictures for your shitty piece of shit tumblr.

Oooookk for the million time here we go.
1) No one has heard of my Tumblr unless you hang out in the part of Tumblr that enjoys gay BDSM, gay porn, male chastity, or pup play.

2) If you look at the original post, the source photo was not elyel. This was the original listed source. Normally, it’s very difficult to trace sources on cute gay pictures because Google Image search will just return a long long list of Tumblrs that reblogged it, blogspot posts, and Pinterest pins. After I started to see some action on dashboard, I spent an hour tracking it down on Google image search and found elyel’s Tumblr and the original source. I put the link in the disclaimer.

3) That cat boyfriends caption post was posted in November. On November 1st, I had 513 followers. That’s not a lot. sorrygirlsisuckcock has over 25,000. Around that time, I’d only get less than 10 likes and only a couple reblogs per post. None of my other posts had been taken out of context and I thought it was really oblivious that my blog was fictional. I read through other caption blogs and none of them put up disclaimers, so I didn’t see the importance. I was naive, I admit. It was only when the post started to blow up that I realized how it would look out of context. By the end of the month, my follower count went up 1,600 as a result of that cat boyfriend clusterfuck.

I did e-mail elyel to explain to them about the screw-up but he didn’t respond.

3) Also, I need to reiterate for the millionth time that in the screenshot going around, the disclaimer has been deleted or cropped out! Anyone who has hung around my blog will know that I’ve been putting up an excessive amount of disclaimers and warning that post is fictional.

4) Also, for reference, I have asked people before to use their photos. I try to avoid original content and selfies, but often times with chastity photos that’s the best stuff. Often, photos have been reposted so many times it’s really fucking hard to find the sources. Also, far no one has said no to being captioned, and no one has ever asked me to take down a caption.

4) You can hate me or call me names or whatever you want, if it makes you feel better. I might be a shitty Tumblr but I happen to like writing porn thank you very much, so I’m sticking around.

Oh, wow. This gets worse and worse. You’re not just a blog that appends fictional out-of-context explanations to other people’s pictures, you’re a porn blog that does that.

Do you honestly not get how creepy and intrusive and downright wrong that is? Yeah, Tumblr is loaded with porn caption blogs that do the same thing. And they are all creepy and intrusive and downright wrong.

If you want to produce original material relating to your fetishes, that’s one thing. If you lack the resources/abilities needed to do so visually so your only contribution is text… well, write text. There’s no reason to non-consensually turn someone else into your fetish object.




Damn, I can’t please everyone can I? You know, you probably find porn to be gross, but there is nothing wrong with porn as long as it’s consenting and safe. People love porn; people love reading porn. Nothing is gonna change that. That said – the more niche you get involving kinks, the harder it is to find writing on that subject. I don’t see what’s wrong with giving people something to read while drinking their morning coffee. What I write is pretty mild compared to some stuff on Tumblr.

That said – have you ever written a story? A full fledged story from start to finish, that involves dynamic characters and an engaging plot that rises, climaxes, and falls? or participated in NaNoWriMo? It’s fucking hard! It’s frustrating as hell too when your story hits a wall.

Sometimes, I just would rather write 500 words instead of 18,000 at once. And although I could just write text, inspiration comes fastest when there’s an image to inspire it. It’s hard for me to pull stories out of thin-air. Most of my captions are basically vignettes inspired by the pictures. It’s also damn good writing practice. Generally, writers are told to write once a day. That’s also fucking hard to enforce, but Tumblr has allowed me to do it!

Although this is getting personal, I want to point out that I don’t get off on my captions. I consider writing these posts to be a job, and I do it happily for free. I post nearly every single day. I have 3,000 readers to please and I have some very happy readers.

I don’t have to please everyone though, and if you don’t follow me, I won’t be offended. You have the right to think I’m gross but you won’t hurt my feelings. I will be however slightly annoyed to be taken out of context, but that can’t be helped I guess.


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