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Damn…he is gorgeous. That is a man. Who is that? Is that our new neighbor? I don’t remember Ms. Kramer moving out or seeing a sign in her yard. Why is he riding her horses around our lake? Maybe he’s ranch help. He’s riding bareback. That pinto has to be taller than 15 hands but, damn, he’s controlling it with just his legs. Not using the reins at all. Wow, look at the way the sweat gleams on his body when the sun hits him the right way. …What the hell is doing?

Is he unzipping his pants? Oh my god, he is not – …he is! He’s masturbating! On horseback! Shit, he doesn’t know I’m watching does he? Wow… look at the size of his pecker. He’s just playing with it so slowly… god I wish he’d do that to me. Stroke…stroke…stroke…a man like that is probably uncut. I bet he fills out a pair of 501s real nice. Big and huge, and shameless about it too. Gosh, I wish this was a romance novel, he’d come right over and-

Shit, what did I come out here for again? Oh yeah, to get the laundry off the line. Well, ma and pa won’t be home for a bit longer now, I think it wouldn’t hurt to watch a little while longer… besides if I move, he might see me. Gosh, I wish I could be a real man like that. Shit, even if I were even half the man he is, I’d just be a welp in his eyes. I’d be his bitch for sure. I wouldn’t be able to say no, he’d just handle me and throw me down like a helpless little calf. Gosh, I feel oddly warm…

Text is fictional.


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