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As a child, Kevin always slept with a security blanket. He liked the soft fabric against his face, the reassurance of clutching something close. It protected him from monsters under the bed. After his father left quite suddenly, no one came to read him stories at night. Kevin began to carry the blanket everywhere until the time he hit puberty. His mother let him out of pity. Despite being teased for it, Kevin still kept it in his room even through high school. By college, it was falling apart. Kevin put it in a bag and stored it away, even though he missed it at night.

As a young man, Kevin came out and stared dating. His first serious boyfriend in his latter years of college wasn’t good to him. He slowly isolated Kevin from his friends and wrecked him emotionally, often getting violent with him. Kevin was too scared to leave him, and no matter of rough it got, he felt like he needed someone to cuddle with at night.

Until one day, his boyfriend broke Kevin’s cheek. A male nurse at the hospital became quite fond of his new patient and got a social worker involved to help stop cycle the abuse. It took weeks to pry them apart, and he convinced Kevin to get his boyfriend arrested. Kevin was happy it was over, although he had to sleep alone again. Even though he got counseling, he felt the urge to just find someone – anyone – so he wouldn’t have to be alone at night.

James knew he supposed to have a professional relationship with Kevin, but when Kevin asked to see him outside of the hospital he found himself wanting to go. Kevin was a bit of a mess, but he was sweet. He meant well. He loved to read and appreciated good food. The more they got to know each other, the more James began to worry Kevin was headed down the path of abuse again. He gravitated toward any guy who paid attention to him. He would often plead to James to stay the night, not even to have sex, just to sleep.

It wasn’t long before James pried out of Kevin the reason why he hated sleeping alone, his father, his childhood blanket… and why Kevin hated sex so much, because now he associated it all with his old boyfriend. It was hard for therapy to work for him with these distractions undoing his sessions every time he went to bed or got an erection. James did some research, hours of it matter of fact, and came up with a rather unorthodox solution.

“It’s not a blanket, really…,” he explained to a baffled-looking Kevin. “But you’ll always feel the cage there, like a hand around you at all time, but no one will be able to see it. I have the key to the lock. No one like that asshole will be able to touch you unless I approve that they’re good for you, and you don’t have to worry about anything sex related for a while. This way you can just focus on your therapy and healing. That’s all.”
Kevin needed some time to think about it, but he liked James and the liked the idea of being cared for by James. Despite his apprehension, he went for it, and took to it like a duck to water. When he needed some relief, Kevin just went to James, and James took care of it, like a nurse instead of a boyfriend.

As an adult, Kevin stayed in this sort of odd relationship for two years, the device on and off as the months went by. Various men came and went out of Kevin’s life. He was weaned off therapy. Got a “real” job in an office. Took up kayaking on the weekends. Moved out of an apartment and in with James in a small house in the suburbs.

On one particular beautiful morning out to sea, Kevin had a realization while he watched the sun rise over the horizon. He was looking forward to going home and eating brunch with James. Only James. He didn’t want other men. He wanted James, who had been so patient with him. He went beyond the call of his job title to heal him, who had been single this entire time… he had been waiting hadn’t he? Jeez, how did he not realize it?
Just the thought of James excited him. Kevin put a hand between his legs and felt the metal there so it would calm him down. Now wasn’t the time for masturbation, and gosh, even two years late he still thought the chastity cage was amazing. Kevin didn’t get why more men didn’t have one.

He turned his kayak back to shore, closer to where he’d get cell phone service. He wanted to call James and wake him up, ask him to date him, ask him if they could be serious. He knew James would say yes. After all, James had the key to his cock – why couldn’t it be the key to his heart as well?

Text is fictional. Here’s a cheesy, sweet chastity post to start off the week. The source of the photo I do not think is the actual source listed on this post. I think it’s from here, a femdom participant on Tumblr.


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