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“Come here. Come ‘ere. Sshh, you know, boy, even if you cry in the shower I can still see your tears. Listen to me. You’ve been staring at me for a while now. I can tell you want it, and I can tell it’s been tearing you up inside. Don’t be scared, and don’t listen to what anyone tells you in the world. It’s ok to want this. Hell, I even encourage you to embrace that part of you that just wants to kneel at my feet and suck my cock. You aren’t less of a man because you want to service them; matter of fact, I think it makes you more of a man to know what you want and you go after it honestly. You want my cock right?”
He nods, looking hesitant and slightly miserable that it’s right in front of him but he won’t allow himself to have it.
“Come on, here.” I put a folded towel down on the shower floor to make it easier on him. “Kneel.”

Like silk, he slides off the shower bench and onto the floor. He puts a hand on my calf.
“Touch it.”
He bites his lip, his soft dark eyes flickering up at me. He reaches out gingerly to caress my thick cock, testing the weight of my balls, and the way the extra skin moves.
“That’s a good boy now..” I exhale softly, “Go on.”
He continues to fondle me, completely oblivious to the other glances we’re getting. His eyes are glazing over and his breathing is slow and shallow. I put a reassuring hand on the back of his head and he commits, placing his lips on the exposed head of my cock.

I have to tell you – up until this point, I thought blowjobs were something twinks begrudgingly did to curry favors for sex. But this boy – he was made for blowjobs. No amateur had ever been so delicate with me before, but within minutes I was already straining hard and dripping pre-cum onto his tongue. I could only rest my back against the tile wall and groan hard as he nursed my cock. I managed a ragged “Don’t stop”, but I don’t know if he heard me. He was so far gone into head space.

It seemed hours later when the orgasm rolled through me like a deep tsunami. I was thrusting against his tongue, trapped both by the tight suction of his mouth and the grip he had on my balls. My load must have been huge because it felt like someone turned my sac inside out. To my amazement, he didn’t even choke. He swallowed  most of it. His cheeks were flushed from not breathing, and eventually he seemed to snap out of it. He broke the suction seal and pulled back, the tip of my cock leaving a trail of semen from it to his lips. I gawked. He was beautiful, sitting there with his own erection straining between his legs, untouched. A total submissive, not a drop of alpha in him. A rare breed.

He looked at me expecting a review. I took a big breath and exhaled. “That, was the best blowjob I’ve ever received.”
It was only then he truly blushed, then reached for his washcloth and began to clean my sensitive prick.

I knew at that moment I was going to have to keep him. He’d obviously bonded with my cock, and it’d be a shame to deprive him of it.

Text is fictional.


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