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I intended to drop the mail on the counter, but missed it entirely and it all scattered on the floor. “Woah JJ, what are you doing?”
He whimpered; when he spoke his voice was honeyed and sultry, “I want you to fuck me…please. I’m so horny, I can’t stand it any longer. Been thinking of you all day, in those hot suits you wear. I worked myself over with my fingers but I’m so frustrated.”
“Jonas you’re my roommate surely you have a boyfriend…”
“You’ve fucked five different guys this week and I hear them all through the walls, why don’t you want my pussy?”

I exhale slowly. I set my briefcase on the floor next to the mail and loosen my tie. Why have I never noticed how cute his butt is before? I can see his hole twitching from here. He’s been fucked before and needs it again.
“But it’ll change our relationship as roommates. After this you’ll just be one of my conquests…is that want you want?” I ask, cupping his left asscheek in my hand. JJ arches into the touch like a cat, complete with a low purr.
“I’ve been wanting you since day one! You’re the alpha of the apartment…you’ve fucked in every room but mine. Fuck I want to be one of yours…please, I’m begging you, I’m so hard just thinking about it.”
“Just a fuck?” I repeat
“Yes just a fuck please! Nothing more, just your cock please!”
I lingered a moment then unzipped. JJ groaned in anticipation. After I located a condom and lube, I pushed his face into the pillow and gave him the rough fucking he wanted. All that fingering had opened him up and my cock fit snugly into his writhing body. He pulled me in, created this vacuum. I was still in my work clothes because I thought this would be quick, but JJ made it last. Sweat began to form around my temples from pounding him so hard. The orgasm was secondary to him; what he needed was to be taken.

It took a couple of strong, jack-hammer thrusts to trigger his orgasm. JJ’s body went vice tight around me, his wet dick I was stroking gushed fluid all over my hand.The pillows muffled most of his cries. I bent over and bit into his shoulder as I filled the condoms, pushed up balls deep against his body.

After we spent our seed, I listened to JJ pant as if he’d just run a mile. Once my lungs caught up, I slide out and examined the mess while I tied off the condom. “You’re a better fuck than you look.” I set the condom on his ass, then without another word, I pick up my briefcase and went to my room to set it down and have a shower, leaving JJ to bask in the after glow.


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