Quick explanation for new users

I have an influx of new followers – we’re up to 2,600 something now – and so I just want to notify you guys of a couple things:

1) Every caption on this blog is fictional.
2) None of the photos are of me.
3) I blog from Pacific Standard Time (US, West Coast), and once in a while at around 3 am I’ll post Late Night Ballet Reblogs. So, if you see a bunch of dancers on your dash, that’s why. I have a thing, obviously.
4) If you know a source to a photo, or find a typo, please message me with it.

Thank you for following, liking, and reblogging!

(Edit: Aaha aww, this is a post for new users yet two of my longest and dearest followers commented first. Somehow, I knew they would. Thanks captionstojerkby and bookofbaitnate, love you guys.)


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