Love reading About your sex episodes! Do you remember the first time you cummed? How did you discover the joy of masturbation?


I think the first time I came I was like 15. I remember all my friends talking about the joy of masturbation. So i went home one day, got myself horny, probably by taping my mouth shut -i used to love doing that. And then i jerked and jerked and about a teaspoon of yellowish adolescent boy jizz came out of my dick and was like WHAT I DIDNT KNOW I COULD DO THAT :O

Funny thing is i’d been tying myself up since i was like 11 and getting these huge fucking erections but not known what they were for.  I actually found them quite irritating, because they got in the way of the self-bondage. Anyway, once i realised what they were for I was in kinky adolescent heaven hahah

Oh those pesky erections, just let me tie myself up in peace! Silly pup.


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