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“Quintus,” I sigh. My slave is hopeless. We’re having a heat wave here in Rome and he’s trying to cool down by dumping an amphora full of water over his body. The thin muslin clings to every curve and becomes fully transparent. He looks down at himself and seems to just realize this. He looks up at me and gives me a sheepish look, “I didn’t think it’d be so transparent, Sir…”
I let my eyes linger on his long, dark cock. His nickname is Horse for a reason. It’s brutally hot here but all I want to is to take him to bed and ravish his body as he cries out and grabs the pillow. I walk up to him and hold it in my hand, shocked at how hot it is even with all that water on him.

“Come join me in the gardens… it’s cooler there under the trees. I’ll have some servants bring some figs and chilled wine. All this heat is built up in your lovely, vulgar penis boy…you’re going to damage your beautiful sperm. As your Master it is my job to care of you and make sure you’re in optimal health. Now come.”
“Yes sir,” he purrs, setting down the amphora. Quintus tries to tug down his blouse and realizes it’s pointless and gives up, letting himself hang out. My slaves are nearly nude in loinclothes all the time anyway, but he is still so shy. I can sense him burning in embarrassment as everyone eyes us jealously as we walk to the gardens with my arm around his wet waist. I make sure they all see the brand on his ass as we stroll past…he is mine, and will always be mine.

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