Gorram it (aka follow up from an old mess)



I kindly ask that anyone that reblogged THIS POST involving the boyfriend and the cat please delete it from their blog. Also, please reblog this so your followers will do the same. It’s been so far removed from context and my intent I’m just at a loss. I’ve been accused of fetishizing the plight of queer rights. I’ve been accused of stealing pictures for attention. Someone even berated me for animal cruelty because that phrase involving stuffing implied eating turkey. I have been up to 5:30 am apologizing to everyone and sending personal responses to every unhappy reblog and PM. I need to stem this tide somehow. Please, please delete it.

I’m so sorry. I was just intended to be harmless fluff. Please don’t follow me just because of that post.

it amazes me that you would continue making up stories for random pictures after what happened with that one

i mean it’s not like that was the ONLY time it was disrespectful to make up false stories about real people

This was a response to the clusterfuck over this post I naively wrote last year, in where some people thought it was real and I had to do some damage control. (In case anyone is wondering, this is the Tumblr of the couple in the picture.)

I do want to respond to this though, just in case anyone feels the same way. I am making up false stories, but not exactly about real people. I am not using their names in the story and writing stories as them (like in fanfiction, which I do not write). I use the people in the pictures as inspiration and write a prompt based on the scene I see. 99% of the time I haven’t seen the porn it belongs to, or the rest of the photoset. I always use different names than the people in the pictures. Matter of fact, I actually keep a book of baby names on my desk for this because I keep running out of names. I invent personalities as they come to me. 

I have started adding ‘fiction’ disclaimer to most of my posts. I try to find sources and photographers when I can, but it’s a challenge even with reverse image searches.

I have been doing this September and no one has messaged me yet to take down a post. I write these as exercises, mostly as practice for writing original fiction. It is never my intention to impersonate or act as other people. That’s all.


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